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Investing and Personal Finance


  • Stock Buybacks

    Since companies that are traded in the stock market depend on their investors for capital, they are ever sensitive to their investors’ needs and expectations. When a company fails to perform in growth, share prices can stagnate and even drop somewhat. This, for obvious reasons, raises investor concerns. The investor,…

  • Leading Economic Indicators

      Leading Economic Indicators     Economic indicators are generated from statistical economic breakdowns. For instance, if you were to find out that in Vancouver, the amount of coffee consumption was rising by 20% per annum, you may want to invest in beans or Canadian companies servicing the industry in…

  • How do IPOs Work?

    Many people know what an IPO is, but ask themselves how do IPOs work? Reading below will give you a basic understanding of how an IPO actually gets off the ground.   The Prospectus   Once a company has decided they have a marketable offering capable of raising the funding…

Feel Like Gambling? Let's Talk Penny Stocks

  • Penny Stock Trading In Canada – An Overview

    Penny Stock Trading in Canada   For the most part penny stocks have a bad reputation. It really depends on what magnitude of a security you are talking about. Logically a penny stock is a stock that trades under $1.00. Recently the definition has loosely expanded to securities trading under $5.00. In Canada we can find these securities using simple stock Continue Reading

  • What Is A Penny Stock? Getting Started With Penny Stocks

    What Is A Penny Stock? What is a penny stock? This is a simple yet highly complicated question with as many answers as there are investment professionals in this world. But let's focus on two of the more popular definitions to begin with. First, is a cookie-cutter definition that most people use - a penny stock is a stock that Continue Reading

  • Pump And Dump Penny Stock Scam

    Penny stock scammers could be the owners of the company, penny stock brokerages, and fraudsters who spot the potential to make a quick buck. Pump and Dump Scams       This is how pump and dump scams can work. A team of investors who have already accumulated large volumes of the stock hire bloggers, public relations firms and boiler Continue Reading


Let's Analyze Some Stocks. These Financial Calculations Will Get You Started

  • Return On Capital Employed

    Our next profitability ratio, return on capital employed, or RoCE indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's capital investments. Return on Capital Employed     Return on capital employed should always be higher than the rate at which the company borrows, it should earn more than the cost of funds it applies in the business. The company may face liquidity Continue Reading

  • Liquidity Ratio Part Two

    When looking at a company’s financial details while considering investment, a significant item to review is various types of liquidity ratio. This represents a company’s capability in satisfying short-term debt obligations.   Liquidity Ratio   We will take a look at some of the key points of an organization’s liquidity ratio, starting with the debt service coverage ratio, or DSCR. Continue Reading

  • Limitations Of Financial Ratios

    While you are observing financial ratios in your exploration, or fundamental analysis of a security to reach a decision to buy or reject, keep in mind the potential for these limitations of financial ratios. Limitations of Financial Ratios   Financial ratios provide valuable insight into a company’s performance, efficiency and future growth prospects. However, limitations of financial ratios can exist Continue Reading

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  • Should I Be Trading ETFs

    Should I Trade ETFs?   This is a pertinent question to all new investors/traders who are thinking about whether or not trading ETFs is the right investment vehicle for them. The key to answering this question is really to understand the fundamentals of trading ETFs and your own trading/investing philosophies, also making sure that they are aligned with each other. Continue Reading

  • Mistakes Successful Day Traders Don’t Make

    As we close out on this series of mini-course on day trading, let us do a recap on the things we have learnt but highlighting some of the crucial mistakes new traders make, and ones that successful day traders don't. As always, if you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment below and we will be Continue Reading

  • Mistakes Investors Trading Options Make

    Mistakes Investors Trading Options MakeMany traders are eager to take the plunge and invest all their money into the market right after reading introductory information such as this. In this chapter, we will go through some of the key mistakes new traders make that can be very costly. Learn from these mistakes and resist the temptation to commit them.1. Being Continue Reading