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Investing and Personal Finance


  • Day Trading Mini Course

    In this mini-course, we will explain the basics of day trading the US stocks and equities markets as well as introduce some of the strategies a new trader can use to independently navigate this risky yet rewarding way of “investing” money.     First of all, day trading is by…

  • Return On Capital Employed

    Our next profitability ratio, return on capital employed, or RoCE indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's capital investments. Return on Capital Employed     Return on capital employed should always be higher than the rate at which the company borrows, it should earn more than the cost of funds…

  • Personal Finance Interview With Rob Carrick

    Personal Finance Interview With Rob Carrick Stocktrades is continually looking to find ways to bring the best possible personal finance content to your desktop. This is why we were absolutely elated when Rob Carrick from the Globe and Mail agreed to answer some questions we feel a lot of investors…

Feel Like Gambling? Let's Talk Penny Stocks

  • Penny Stocks In Canada – Trading Penny Stocks

    Trading Penny Stocks In Canada   For the most part, penny stocks have a bad reputation. It really depends on what magnitude of a security you are talking about. This article will cover what exactly a penny stock is, what you need to look out to reduce your risk of getting scammed, and in general how to trade penny stocks Continue Reading

  • Penny Stocks – Buyer Beware

    This article is by no means comprehensive in it’s listing of deceptive practices used in scams involving penny stocks, and we are sure that there are many different ways that people can be deceived. However, it is important to highlight some of the methods that people use to fraudulently promote and profit from penny stocks. Penny Stocks     If Continue Reading

  • Penny Stock Scams And Social Media

    Penny stock scams are no longer limited to unsolicited boiler room phone calls. Penny stock scammers lurk everywhere and nowadays, even on social media sites. Penny Stock Scams   In 2010 the SEC obtained an emergency asset freeze against a Montreal-based couple, for fraudulently promoting penny stocks through their website, on Facebook and Twitter. Boasting that they were No. Continue Reading


Let's Analyze Some Stocks. These Financial Calculations Will Get You Started

  • Liquidity Ratio Part Two

    When looking at a company’s financial details while considering investment, a significant item to review is various types of liquidity ratio. This represents a company’s capability in satisfying short-term debt obligations.   Liquidity Ratio   We will take a look at some of the key points of an organization’s liquidity ratio, starting with the debt service coverage ratio, or DSCR. Continue Reading

  • Dollar Cost Averaging

      Dollar Cost Averaging   Dollar cost averaging is an investment technique that, in theory, mitigates the risk of investing a lump sum of money into the market all at once. Essentially DCA (dollar cost averaging) is a schedule for investing a set amount of money at regular intervals without paying attention to the price of the security.   Say Continue Reading

  • Return On Assets Formula

    The return on assets formula, or RoA measures the efficiency of assets used in a business to generate profits. In simple terms, the return on assets formula will tell you what a company can do, with what its got. It is the most widely used profitability ratio when comparing companies in the same industry.   Return On Assets Formula   Continue Reading

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  • Day Trading Terminology Part 2

    Candle Stick Chart     With the candlestick chart you will use to look at all stock movements. They document the range of the stock, the open and close price and the intraday high and low of the day. It is a very neat and useful way of presenting data.     Stop Loss/Trailing Stop Loss   Stop loss for Continue Reading

  • How To Trade Options Tutorial

      How To Trade Options   A trader’s portfolio can be filled with many different kinds of investment instruments. Some of the more common being stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. But in this mini-course, we are going to cover a slightly more sophisticated kind of investment – options.   The first thing you need to understand is that options, like Continue Reading

  • Choosing Your Online Stock Broker

    Hopefully you now have a much deeper understanding on the mechanics of day trading stocks and some of the critical jargon that you will encounter. The next piece of the puzzle we will cover is about choosing an online stock broker and other various platforms. Brokers are the links between you, the retail trader, and the stock market. They are Continue Reading