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Buying On Margin Definition

  Buying On Margin Definition   In theory, buying stock on margin sounds like a great way to get rich quick. Buying on margin allows investors to “borrow” stock, with their brokerage effectively lending them the money to invest more heavily. However, like any type of credit, buying on margin can be a dangerous practice.…
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Tools When Trading Stocks

To be able to start trading stocks, there are a list of tools which you are required to have beforehand. Trading tools are things that either empower you to trade online or make your life easier by making your daily tasks more convenient. In this chapter, we will scratch the surface on some of the…
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Risk Management

Risk management is absolutely critical in the success of an active trader. Without prudent risk management, it is very possible for trader to lose their entire account in just a couple of trades. Risk management helps you understand the potential downside to every trade and make informed decisions on each trade you take. To start…
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Consistent Stock Trading

To be a successful trader, you need to zero in on a strategy that works specifically for you. Let’s suppose you have already paper traded and understand the technicalities of the market, how then do you stay consistent with stock trading when you are just starting out? Is there any secret to staying profitable?  …
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