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In Depth, Unbiased Research On Over 200 Companies Exactly When You Need It

Let us be your investment assistant. Let us dig through the complicated financial reports, analyze the companies industry and dive deep into the company's financials. Start getting the information you need to make informed investment decisions and get rid of the 100 page financial reports, and find them in seconds with our user friendly dashboard.


Complete Company Overviews

We'll tell you how the company operates, including the day-to-day operations and locations around the globe.

We will also include a number of industry and financial metrics, detailing the size of the company, shares outstanding, what type of stock it is, the best account for an investor to hold the stock in, and much more.


What We Like Sections

One of the most important aspects of our reports, we go into detail on why we think the company may be a profitable investment. This can be anything from economic factors that the company may benefit from, a strong history of earnings or sales growth, or even a history of profitable acquisitions.


Company Risks

In our company risks section, we go over any potential problems a company may face that may limit the investments potential. This could be, again, anything from economic factors, a shrinking market share or industry, or possibly even customer diversity. Our what we like and company risk sections make sure you can cover all angles of an investment.


Recent Earnings Section

Skip hours of research time by instead letting us give you the details of the company's most recent earnings report. You're going to get more than just comparisons to analysts predictions in this section. Company guidance opinions, recent acquisitions and anything of note from the companies most recent earnings report will be explained in detail in this section of the report.


Growth Section

Our growth section analyzes what a company is doing to grow, and how well they're doing it. Along with our opinion on the company's growth, you'll find earnings per share history, or in the case of a company yet to post a profit, revenue history. .


Complex Ranking Algorithm Helps You Decide Which Stocks To Buy

Our full page ranking guide will give you an instant overview of the stock in 3 critical areas. Safety, valuation and growth. From there, our screener identifies where a company may be weak or strong. Along with this, our overall grade out of 5 gives you our blended opinion on these core concepts to see how profitable we feel the investment may be.


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