About Dan Kent - Co-founder of Stocktrades.ca

Dan has been a self-directed investor since 2009. What was first initially started as a hobby and a love for investing and researching publicly traded companies, Dan's dedication to providing Canadians with the best research possible when it comes to stocks eventually led to him growing Stocktrades into one of the largest financial websites in the country, with over 1.8 million visitors in 2023.

His pieces have been mentioned numerous times in the Globe and Mail, Forbes, Business Insider, CBC, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, Kiplinger, Motley Fool, and other high-authority financial websites.

Dan co-hosts one of the largest investing podcasts in Canada, the Canadian Investor Podcast with Simon Belanger, providing up-to-date opinions, commentary, studies, and more on some of the most prominent companies in Canada.

He has completed the Canadian Securities Course and manages his TFSA, RRSP, LIRA, and taxable accounts at Wealthsimple Trade. Once an avid real estate investor, he reduced his overall portfolio to 100% equities and exited the real estate space.

Dan's passion, knowledge, and experience in investing have allowed him to grow into one of the most prominent names in the Canadian finance space. As a self-directed investor himself, sifting through the myriad of unprofessional, biased, and even, in some cases, unethical financial information online, he wanted to create a financial resource where Canadians could find high-quality, unbiased and trusted financial research. This attitude towards the investing landscape is very likely why Stocktrades has grown from virtually nothing to a household name when it comes to investing in less than a decade.

Whether it be helping Canadians avoid financial advisors charging high fees or simply Canadian DIY investors looking for the best prospective investments for their portfolios, Dan takes pride in helping them avoid the plethora of misguided financial information online so they can make the best decisions for their individual portfolios.

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