wasn’t hashed out in an executive boardroom somewhere. is a grassroots approach based on years of investment experience in the stock market and a passion for higher quality stock research. Two Canadians, Daniel Kent and Dylan Callaghan started in 2014 from the ground up.

Our goal has always remained a constant....

Higher quality stock information that is readily available.

Over our collective 30 years of investing experience we all learned that this is the only way to maintain an edge when investing. 

The information being digested needs to be legitimate, and it needs to be available right away.

Our Goal? To produce more self-directed investors.

Early on we became wary of paying banks, brokerages, and financial planner's fees to manage our investments as it can amount to an enormous cost over time.

This is why we are huge supporters of self-directed investment...

...and we can show you why.

Take a look at this graph below where we show the substantial difference a few percentiles can make over the life of an investment portfolio....

Our DIY portfolio earns 8% a year, our mutual fund portfolio earns 8% a year less our 2.35% fee, and our High Interest Savings Account earns 1.5%.

Retirement impact

As you can see, the difference after 30 years between the DIY method and paying your bank to invest your money is two hundred and forty three thousand dollars!

If a person plans on having a $30,000 per year budget in retirement that difference equals 8 years worth of retirement lost.

SO- our mission was self-directed investment in order to maximize returns.

But... investment does come with its own unique set of obstacles...

Our challenges

Time Constraints

  • Due diligence is not a luxury when it comes to investing. It is a basic need. The markets move quickly these days, and with the excess of content online, most opportunities have come and gone before people even realize it.

Lack of Legitimate Stock Information Online

  • Searching online for investment information we found a lack of impartiality, and too much spammy content skewed by the personal gain of writers and analysts with no regard for the integrity of their information. This creates a "digital fog" of sorts, and a massive time delay in being able to find quality stock information.


  • Inflation is persistent. In order for us to maintain the purchasing power of our savings and investments later in life, the returns must at least keep up with inflation.

To the drawing board

We created for ourselves first.

We wanted to streamline our investment research, so that is exactly what we did.

When we say this we mean we built the tools we have at to overcome these problems listed above and improve our own investments. was created as a way for us to share these tools and information with others that are facing the same challenges as ourselves.

What we have become

What started out as a hobby has now become a staple in Daniel, Dylan, and Mathieu's lives. In a short span of only 4 years...

  • We've grown from 10 daily visitors to over 30,000 monthly readers.
  • Built a newsletter list of over 7000 Canadians itching to find the next best stock.

How do we provide that? By bringing you the unbiased, educational and to the point investment news, strategies, and tips.

Those strategies, tips, and news have led us to mentions from the following:

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Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, we've got something for everyone.

As we grow, we plan to bring much more to the table.

Ditch the large scale corporations and join a team of investors that truly care if you succeed. Don't believe us? Scroll down to Daniel's biography and shoot him an e-mail. In the four years he's been running, he has never missed replying to an e-mail from a reader, no matter how simple or complicated the question may be.