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Dan Kent

Dan StocktradesAn active dividend and growth investor, Dan has been involved with the website since its inception. He is an electrician by trade and is consistently looking to grow his portfolio and expand his knowledge. When Dan started Stocktrades, the message was and still is that anyone with dedication and determination can accomplish their goals, even if they start out with little knowledge of the playing field, which is in this case, the global markets.

 Financial Background

Dan’s investing background is completely 100 percent self-taught from a young age. He believes that extensive investment growth can be achieved by anyone at any time, the dedication just needs to be there. Dan has an extensive portfolio of Canadian dividend and growth stocks and continues to maximize his contributions to his TFSA and RRSP whenever he can. His investment journey began when he realized how much these big-bank mutual funds can chew into your investment returns. The idea of developing his own portfolio, making his own investment decisions, and simply paying nothing but the commission costs by his brokerage was the clear path to financial success.

At a young age of 27, Dan has never been in any form of consumer debt. Smart spending and money management have allowed him to expand his investment portfolio into the real estate business, currently owning two rental properties. He hopes to purchase more in the near future and create a solid amount of passive income flow. If you’d like to know more about Dan’s investment journey to date, check out his interview with Mark Seed from Myownadvisor.

What does Dan do with Stocktrades?

Dan is the Co-founder, writer and web developer of Stocktrades planted its roots in early 2016 and is quickly becoming a cornerstone of financial information for Canadians. You can check out more of Dan’s writing at his column on where he tries to contribute weekly.

What does Dan do when he’s not involved with Stocktrades?

An avid golfer and hockey player, Dan would be the first to admit his passion for sports sometimes goes a little over the top. Dan is a die-hard Edmonton Oiler and Oakland Raider fan and enjoys spending his spare time reading and participating in anything sports related. Dan was a professional poker player for the better part of two years, and although he doesn’t play as much as he did before, his passion for the mathematical and analytical aspects of poker is still strong. Dan believes that the concepts he learned and applied to his poker game have made him a much better investor today, as there are a lot of concepts and strategies that can be interlinked between both.


Dylan Callaghan

Dylan StocktradesDylan has been involved with since the beginning, and has grown to feed the fire started with a spark of interest in finance and investing. An electrician by trade Dylan is accustomed to an ever-changing environment and new technology hitting the market every single day. This same attribute can be noted in the finance and investing fields as well, a very diverse, dynamic world that he enjoys researching daily. Dylan has made it his mission to spread the word, that personal finance and investing does not have to be complex. Effective self-directed investment is an achievable goal for himself and countless others.

 Financial Background

Starting out there wasn’t much going on in terms of investments for Dylan. A few regrettable GICs in an RRSP, a couple of missed investment opportunities, consumer debt, all stemming from virtually zero knowledge of the investing and finance world. The capital and potential was there, but with no savvy available there was no place to turn. Dylan’s financial knowledge has grown proportionally with Stocktrades and he eventually jumped into the market with the purchase of a condo in downtown Calgary. The mentioned ever-changing environment of investing and finance provides Dylan with additional building blocks of information on the daily. He continues down the path of financial stability with the eventual goal of financial independence most likely through real estate.

What does Dylan do with Stocktrades?

As said it is Dylan’s interest to create a buzz around self-directed investment. Dylan provides Stocktrades with an artistic edge among other online business essentials including marketing and content quality control. A family background of editorial, arts, and entrepreneurship assists with the day-to-day operations of Stocktrades and the many plans for the future. Dylan wants to bring you exceptional information that is also approachable, and easy on the eyes. The world of finance and investing can have the “old white guy” stigma attached to it and often can be excruciatingly boring. Through quality writers and careful planning Dylan hopes that Stocktrades can break the mold in this aspect and be a pioneer in showing people of all ages and situations that they can start their own journeys to financial freedom.

 What does Dylan do when he’s not involved with Stocktrades?

Dylan enjoys the arts. Performance, visual, musical, whatever the case may be he can often be found at productions, galleries, and concerts. A strong travelling bug takes him to spectacular places across Canada, the US, and eventually the world. Coming from a family deeply engrained in western culture also takes Dylan to various equestrian events with family and friends. He often stops in to visit at the family business, Cody and Sioux, in Inglewood Calgary.

Stocktrades began to dig its roots into the online Canadian financial sector in 2016. We strive to bring you the best possible investing resources whether it comes from us, or the numerous relationships we have built with other bloggers.

What are our goals?

Our goal has and will always be to become the number one resource in Canada for investing information. If we cannot write the content ourselves, it is written by financial advisors in the Canadian industry. Why? Because we know how important your money is to you. Stocktrades was not built in a corporate boardroom or created by wealthy bankers trying to increase their own net worth; Stocktrades was built in the field, on the road and by hard-working guys who simply want to get a little more out of their investments.

If you’re looking to work with us, whether it be advertising, writing or anything else you need, please let us know by contacting us here.


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