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Value Investing

Value investing is one particular model of investment that has certainly received its share of bad press over the years. As the dot.com and tech stock investors made out like bandits, value investors were left scratching their heads on the sidelines and second-guessing their tried and true approach to investing.     Analysts claimed that…

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Stock Buybacks

Since companies that are traded in the stock market depend on their investors for capital, they are ever sensitive to their investors’ needs and expectations. When a company fails to perform in growth, share prices can stagnate and even drop somewhat. This, for obvious reasons, raises investor concerns. The investor, depending on their commitment and…

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Emotional Investment

Stock Market + Emotional Investment = Certain Disaster   Understanding the way in which emotions can influence investment decisions is perhaps best accomplished by comparing speculators to investors. Unless you have money to burn, you want to be an investor.     Most speculators think that they are investors, but history proves otherwise. Speculating as…

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