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Bank Of Canada- Effects On The Economy

  The Bank of Canada And How It Effects Our Economy   The Bank of Canada, which is a crown corporation, is responsible for all monetary policies. Most policies are implemented based on decisions related to altering the Canadian money supply, which is defined as the portion of Canadian household income considered liquid. This includes…
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Inflation Rate Formula and Its Economic Effects

  Inflation Rate Formula and Its Economic Effects   An often used but little understood term in financial circles, inflation has been misinterpreted as a result or an effect of higher prices, but this is not the case.     The inflation rate formula is quite simple, and you can fill these variables in by…
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Demographics Influence On Investing

The term demographic gives reference to a particular segment of the population with like characteristics. Demographics   Government and business often classify people in this way to help them understand and serve a particular group of the population in a certain way. It also helps them to understand changes in the market and economy. Consumer…
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Dot Com Bubble – Early 2000’s Market Crash

After the devastating stock market crash of 1929, one would think that a massive, emotion-fueled over-inflation of the market would never happen again. After all, didn't we learn our lesson the first time? So we thought, until the dot com bubble. The Dot Com Bubble       If you click the image above, you…
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