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Receive dividends on a quarterly or even monthly basis. Reinvest the dividends and watch compound interest work its magic.

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Dividend growth investing has a long history of market outperformance. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, take action.

Invest Stress-Free

Utilize our tools, research, and team with 40+ years in the markets to invest stress free, retire earlier, and do what you love.

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Unlock the tools, research, and market commentary you need to identify the strongest dividend growth and income stocks in North America to invest stress-free.

Spend less time in quarterly reports, and more time doing the things you love.

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"Cheapest and Top-Notch Education"

"A novice to this industry, I have found StockTrades so simplistic and easy to navigate in such a short time! The emails and especially conversations in Discord are so informative and questions are answered so quickly! My only regret is not joining earlier to understand my own investments but I'm certainly telling my children and all their friends. You guys are doing a stellar job! Thank you!"

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

Meet the Minds Behind Stocktrades Premium

Daniel Kent - Stocktrades.ca co-founder

Daniel has transformed the Canadian landscape when it comes to investment research. Starting Stocktrades in 2016, his main goal was to provide the best quality research to as many Canadians as he could. Fast-forward to 2023, and Stocktrades helps over 1.2 million Canadians every year when it comes to choosing better stocks.

One of the most prominent finance writers in the country, his pieces have been mentioned on the Globe and Mail, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, CBC, Moneysense, Forbes and more. He has also worked with notable financial institutions such as Questrade and Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Daniel has completed the Canadian Securities Course, and has been a self-directed investor for over 13 years, starting at the age of 19.

With over 24 years of self directed experience, Mathieu Litalien has the experience and knowledge to navigate the Canadian markets.

Mat has an MBA and is a certified Professional Director, one of only three recognized board director certifications by the Canadian Securities Commission.

Mat currently sits as on the Board of Directors of Greater Sudbury Hydro (GSHi) as an independent director. At GSHi, he sits on the Audit Committee which is responsible for setting the direction, implementing controls and approving the budget of this multi-million dollar corporation.

Mathieu Litalien - Founding partner

A Simple 3-Part Process to Investing Success

Step 1

Build your core

Click below for Step 1 details:

Step 2

Fine-tune and supplement

Click below for Step 2 details:

Step 3

Stay connected

Click below for Step 3 details:

Step 1: Build Your Core

Introducing our Foundational Stocks

Wall Street and your brokerage want you to think the stock market needs to be exciting. After all, that's how they line their pockets with your hard-earned money. But the reality is, the core of your portfolio needs to be made up of companies built to withstand the test of time. The kind you hold for decades.

These companies have a consistent history of growing both revenue and earnings. How does this help you as an income investor? They'll typically return those earnings back to you in the form of a dividend, often one that is growing.

Our Foundational Stocks have not only grown members passive income streams, but have been one of the best performing sets of stocks in North America for three years running.

Don't believe us? Have a look at the historical returns below:

We Help Build a Core Portfolio to Last 20 Years, Not 20 Days

Our Foundational Stocks, 11 core Canadian stock picks released annually, have not only outperformed the TSX Index but the S&P 500 as well every year since our inception. Launched in 2022, Income Seekers will also gain access to our US Foundational Stocks to better diversify their portfolios.

Step 2: Fine-tune and Supplement

Fine-tune your portfolio and find hidden gems with our income model portfolios

A portfolio needs to be greater than the sum of its parts. You can be a wizard when it comes to researching companies. But without the ability to construct a rock solid portfolio, you’re putting your retirement at risk.

Our model portfolios contain some of the best companies on the planet. In tandem, they work to deploy a specific strategy in each of our 3 unique models. Click the specific tabs below to see which of our model portfolios suites your investment style.



  • High Yield

Dividend Growth

Our dividend growth model aims to provide investors exposure to companies with some of the fastest-growing dividends in the country. Yield is ignored, and the portfolio's primary focus is on companies continually growing revenue, earnings, and cash flow and returning that cash flow to investors via a growing dividend. The portfolio's main objective will be to not only provide compounding dividend growth but outperform a blended benchmark which includes a 65/35 weighting towards the TSX and S&P 500, respectively. The portfolio will aim to continue to hit a 65/35 mix of Canadian and US exposure, but depending on circumstances, could be adjusted.

This portfolio would be suited for those who have a longer time horizon and are not concerned about actual cash flow from their portfolio. Because these are high dividend growth stocks, most are low-yielding and would likely not be suitable for someone who wants cash flow in retirement.

Supplement Your Core With Canada's Best Income Stocks

Note: this report is a sample and not updated frequently.

Superior Reporting on Canada's Best Income and Dividend Growth Stocks

Once we've built the core of our portfolios out with strong, blue-chip foundational holdings, we aim to identify some of the strongest dividend growth and income options in the country for members. If you'll notice from the list below, there are no penny stocks. These are all well-established Canadian corporations.

Every single stock pick at Income Seekers is made with a 5+ year investment thesis, backed by fundamental analysis. The quickest path to wealth is not through momentum trading or technical indicators, but through buying fundamentally sound companies and holding them for the long term. And our long-term results speak for themselves.

Our Bull List is meticulously maintained and short-listed, and our research reports are updated every single time a company reports earnings to keep you up to date on the holdings inside of your portfolio.

Have a Look at Some of our Past Highlights

Goeasy Ltd (GSY)

304% Dividend Growth Since our Highlight in December 2018

TFI International (TFII)

98% Dividend Growth Since our Highlight in April 2019

Birchcliff Energy (BIR)

700% Dividend Growth Since our Highlight in January 2019

Bank of Montreal (BMO)

35% Dividend Growth Since our Highlight in December 2019

Equitable Bank (EQB)

135% Dividend Growth Since our Highlight in January 2019

Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ)

153% Dividend Growth% Since our Highlight in December 2019

Shave Off Hundreds of Hours of Research With 800+ Graded Stocks

With our stock screener, you gain access to the the exact metrics and our exclusive grading system to identify the best dividend growth and income stocks in the country.

98% of the information available on stock screeners today is complete fluff. You'll never use it, and all it will do is lead to analysis paralysis. Stop thinking you need some advanced stock screener that can highlight 500+ particular metrics on a company and instead:

  • Save hundreds of hours of research a year by identifying the best companies in the country in just seconds
  • Dedicate your time to researching a tailor-suited shortlist of companies, rather than a large group
  • Put 4 or more companies head to head with our comparison tool and make sure you're choosing the most promising company
  • In-depth data on Canadian REITs you won't find anywhere else
  • Access to 3 and 5-year historical data, including profit margins, returns on equity, assets, and invested capital, dividend growth, and so much more.

Note: this video is a sample and not updated frequently.

Although we're looking for income and dividend growth, the backbone of a strong growing dividend is strong earnings growth. This is exactly why we rank over 800 stocks here in North America not only on the safety and growth of the dividend, but the projected growth of the company overall.

Time is money, and our screener promises to shave hours off your investment research.

Discover Hard to Find Data, Faster

Our Key Performance Indicator screening and charting tool will have you unlocking hard to find data only available in quarterly reports. Prior to the implementation of this feature, members spent hours sifting through quarterly reports to acquire this data. Now? It takes them 5 seconds.

Interested in how much revenue Disney generated from their Parks? Maybe how much revenue Google generated from Youtube? Or maybe you'd like to know how much your favorite Canadian bank is making from particular segments of the market? We guarantee you our KPI tool will save you time around earning season.

Step 3: Stay Connected

Live market news and commentary on companies you care about on our Discord

Income Seekers is one of the only platforms of its kind in Canada to offer a fully private Discord server. Get lightning quick live alerts on opportunities in the market along with direct communication on a daily basis with the brains behind Stocktrades Daniel Kent & Mat Litalien.

You'll gain instant access to insightful conversations on some of the best companies in the country, get answers to your most burning questions, and set the platform up to deliver you instant alerts on stocks you care about. In fact, there is a good chance Daniel and Mathieu are talking with members as we speak.

Note: this writing is a sample and not updated frequently.

Exclusive access to one of the most in-depth newsletters in Canada

Although we all want to set our portfolios up, collect passive income, and never look at them again, this isn't the case. Investing does require some time to be successful. For Income Seeker members however, we cut that time down considerably by keeping you in the loop on the companies you own, the companies you should look at, investment strategies, market commentary, and so much more.

Along with every other feature we offer here at Income Seekers, members gain access to one of the most in-depth market newsletters in the country.

Want a preview of what our newsletter has to offer? Just check out the sample.

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This membership includes our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

"Excellent service, Great information"

"Excellent service, very thoughtful and informative advice. Really appreciate the help, very thorough.Highly recommend the service to friends and family."

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

See What our Members are Saying

"My best investment..."

"I have been a member for two years now and can vouch for the quality and timeliness of the advice that StockTrades delivers. The platform is easy to navigate and provides sample portfolio, stock screeners and reports. Mat and Dan are both readily available to provide helpful answer to questions and share their considerable knowledge on investment matters. Who can ask for anything more?"

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"A++ service and team"

"The team at StockTrades is amazing. Fast response to client questions, insightful information and research, and transparency throughout their reports. As an investor who's relatively green, they have been invaluable. I'm so grateful for all they do and in case you're wondering, they're definitely worth the money."

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"I wish I had found this site sooner..."

"I have been a part time investor for over 20 years while keeping the bulk of our portfolio with one of the major Canadian banks. After paying far too much in fees for below market returns, my wife and I decided to move all our investments to self directed and I am now managing the entire portfolio.

I do a lot of reading on investing and have been looking for good, unbiased advice to help me guide my investment decisions. I joined Stocktrades in mid 2019 and enjoy reading what Dan and his team write. The website is updated constantly and the amount of email communication I receive from Dan is perfect. They do not have a website littered with annoying ads of any kind. I am so tired of other websites bombarding me with ads.

I am continually impressed with the results from the individual stocks and overall portfolio performance. My biggest regrets have been not trusting their recommendations on some of the bull list stocks and thinking I knew better with some other picks of my own!"

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"A lifeline in turbulent times"

"I've been a member for a few years and an investor for much longer, but I wasn't prepared for the swings of 2022. Thank you Mat and Dan for reminding me weekly to stay the course, invest for the long term and for showing me ways to grow my portfolio. Any question gets answered promptly and thoughtfully. There is so much content on Stocktrades I can't hope to keep up with it all, but I find all that I need. I would bet that just about any investor would too."

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"Great platform. Dan & Mat are awesome, educated & well informed."

"Great platform! Dan & Mat have proven their knowledge in the investment field & have continually improved & added features to make Stocktrades what it is today. But they do not sit back once they have already created a great product/platform, they continually improve & ask the membership what they like, don't like and/or what members would like to see added. They also listens to the members & make changes. The platform has gone from Canadian content to now including US as well. The question & answer portion & the Discord (discussion) channel are excellent. As a member you can see & participate (if you like) in what others are doing, questions they have & the expert advise of Mat & Dan. Have been a member for just over a year & am so glad I found this platform & great group of members."

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"Great Investment Tool"

"I made the switch to 100% DIY as a late stage investor and find the tools here invaluable. Dan and Mat are two passionate guys that do a great job researching the market. I wish I had these guys behind me ten years ago. The Discord tool is great for gleaning info from other investors though I am not much (yet) for chatting about my finances online."

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"Been a member for 2 years...."

"Been a member for 2 years and have no plans to change that. I think the best part of this service is the Discord community they have built. Lots of like minded individuals sharing their ideas and opinions in a respectful way."

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"Excellent way to start self investing for your future"

"New to investing and joining Stocktrades has helped narrow down to which stocks to selected. Favourite thing about stock trades is the discord and the positive community that it has become! Any little question is answered thoroughly by Dan, Matt or another knowledgeable member. Excellent job guys!"

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"Best investing decision of my life!"

"Good job Stocktrades, help me a lot learning about investing. They are an amazing team who gives everything they have to help us by investing the right way. Thank you Stocktrades!"

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

"Conversations with like-minded investors"

"More than anything else, it is the ability to engage in conversations with a wide range of investors plus strong guidance from Dan Kent and Mat Litalien."

*Rating from user on Stocktrades.ca Trustpilot page

Our No-BS Money-Back Guarantee

Every Income Seekers membership comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. View our stock highlights, portfolios, screeners, and join our Discord. Utilize every feature we offer here at Income Seekers, and if you don't like it, we'll give you every penny back.


Who is Income Seekers for?

Because Income Seekers will be laser focused on delivering the best dividend growth and income options in the country, it would be best utilized by those who either want to take advantage of a dividend growth strategy or those who are looking to grow their cash flow stream in retirement.

What is the difference between Stocktrades Premium and Stocktrades Income Seekers?

Because Stocktrades Premium contains research and content on growth stocks, those with an income-based strategy may find better value in Stocktrades Income Seekers. Because Stocktrades Income Seekers doesn't require any research or monitoring of growth stocks, we can offer a much more attractive subscription fee while still offering the exact same quality of research. If your strategy is more income-focused, you may want to check out the more attractively priced Stocktrades Income Seekers platform.

What if I do not want to continue after my first year?

We realize how hard most subscription based platforms make it to cancel. You won't find those difficulties here. Your Income Seekers subscription can be managed on your account dashboard. Make updates to your information, download PDF invoices, or cancel your subscription at any time, with zero need to contact us.

Is my information safe?

Any payments on Stocktrades are made through reliable, trusted third-party payment processors like Stripe or Paypal. We do not store or collect any payment information at Stocktrades.

I'm brand new to investing, will Income Seekers help me?

New investors will likely find large value at Income Seekers, as it not only aims to highlight some of the best options in the country for investors looking to grow their passive income, but also aims to educate and make our members better investors overall.

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