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Find Undervalued Stocks With Explosive Potential With Our Bull List

Earning members as much as 33% in just 11 days (don't believe us, just watch the video!) Our Bull list is a list of stocks our screener has identified as being unique buy or sell opportunities. Probably the most powerful feature here at, our list is updated as soon as we find a company that we feel may be an opportunity.

Our Bull List has beat the returns of the TSX in 2019 by nearly 75%Don't miss out on what April could bring!


The Complete Triple Threat

Our Bull list, combined with our 200+ company reports and 360 ranked top stocks from over 19 industries will have you pinpointing the absolute best stocks to buy in a fraction of the time.


Complete Objectivity

Our results are clearly posted on our Bull list for all premium members to see. If we're right, you're going to see it. And if we're wrong, you're going to hear about that too. Along with our top stock lists and company reports, objectivity is of the utmost importance here at


Updated Anytime, Anywhere

Taking advantage of a potentially undervalued stock early is absolutely crucial. This is why our Bull list can be updated at any time. Whether it's 7 AM on a Saturday or 10 PM on a Wednesday, if we find a stock, you're going to hear about it both on this list, and through instant e-mail updates sent to premium members.


Detailed Explanations Of Why

We don't stop at simply saying "this stock could be a buy." Our screener identifies potentially undervalued stocks and from there they are put through a vigorous manual review by a Stocktrades researcher. The end result is simply the best of the best being put on our Bull list. Along with that, you'll be given a detailed explanation of why and when they were placed on the list.


Live Tracked Results

When a stock is placed on our Bull list, it is inserted into a custom portfolio that live tracks its results. You can see how the stock is performing during the current trading day or how it has performed since it was placed on our list.

We've got nothing to hide with our Bull list, and you'll see how our picks produce with only a 15 minute delay.


Find Undervalued Stocks Immediately With Our Bull List. Premium Members Have Access To This Exclusive List, Along With Instant E-mail Updates Of Adds And Removals

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