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Daniel and Mathieu’s Next Picks Are About To Come Out

Every day, Daniel Kent and Mathieu Litalien are scouring the Canadian markets, looking for the next best stocks to present to premium members. What makes their research different than any others?

With decades of experience in self-directed investing, Daniel and Mathieu have developed a stock screener that is extensively tested for accuracy and long term results. 

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How much time do you have to research stocks every day?

If you’re like most people, not much time at all. So unfortunately, you’re left with only a couple options

  • Give your hard earned money to your bank and pay 6 figures in management fees by the time you retire.
  • Develop a set and forget portfolio that continues to disappoint in terms of returns.

In the end, both decisions lead to one thing. A later retirement.

That’s why you don’t have any time to research stocks in the first place right? That 9 to 5 job gets in the way of a lot of things. And ultimately the quicker you can get rid of it, the better.

Investing is pretty easy, especially in today’s world. Open up a brokerage and buy a few stocks. So do you need to pay a bank 6 figures to take care of your investment account? Absolutely not. 

But do you need the proper tools and advice to succeed in an industry where most investors are achieving extremely sub par returns? Absolutely. In fact, most investors returns are barely keeping up with inflation.​​​​

“From 1996 through 2016, the average active stock market investor earned 3.98% annually, while the S&P 500 index returned 10.16%” – Data from Delbar

Ready to change that? Lets introduce Stocktrades Premium

The easiest way to explain Stocktrades Premium is going to be to tell you what we don’t do first.

We don’t trade stocks

We don’t throw complex technical terms in your face and expect you to know what to do with them

We don’t provide biased reporting

All three of these concepts are some of the primary reasons self directed investors have returned what has been stated above.

The stock market is promoted every day as a get rich quick, day trading style avenue for making money. And for good reason, your brokerage makes money every time you buy or sell a stock, Dan’s must be infuriated with him, he’s made a grand total of 10 transactions over the last 5 years. His brokerage didn’t benefit in the slightest from his TFSA earning over 50% in 2018.

Dan achieved those returns by following the EXACT same strategies he offers here at Stocktrades. Lets start with our individual picks:

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**This chart is live, and updates with a 15 minute delay**

Shopify (SHOP.TO)UP 134.92%

134.92% gain only 6 months after recommendation

Semafo (SMF.TO)UP 84.59%

84.59% gain only 6 months after recommendation

GoEasy Ltd (GSY.TO)UP 66.56%

66.56% gain only 4 months after recommendation

Heroux Devtek (HRX.TO)UP 43.27%

43.27% gain only 4 months after recommendation

87.5% of our stock recommendations are in the green and are currently doubling the returns of the TSX.

A $20 000 investment in our Bull List would have you in the green by $6200, a 3100% ROI in just 6 months.

These aren’t picks sent out in a once a month newsletter like most services. 

These are picks funneled directly to you, as soon as we identify them. Whether it be a Wednesday morning or a Saturday night, we’re working round the clock to increase your portfolio returns.

What’s the point of a “stock alert service” if the members don’t hear about it until weeks later?

For only $199 $100 a year, Stocktrades Premium members gain access to our Bull list plus a ton more features, including a custom stock screener that has outperformed the TSX on a weekly basis 100% of the time.

Got your attention? Awesome. Lets move on, because it gets even better with our screeners. Or, if you’re already convinced, claim your 50% discount now.

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The Backbone Of Our Service, Our Screeners Have Outperformed The Weekly Returns Of The TSX At A 90% Rate

It’s nearly impossible to manually track and research all of the stocks listed on the TSX and TSXV. With over 3000 actively traded stocks, you need a tool to separate the good from the ugly.

Our custom screeners have been able to do that at an alarming efficiency, beating the weekly returns of the TSX 90% of the time.

Graphs function best on a desktop or tablet**

Crush the markets with a custom grading system that brings the best growth stocks in the country to your screen in seconds.

Our growth screeners cover over 19 different industries and assign a exclusive custom grade to over 370 of the best stocks in the country. Our grade takes three key elements when evaluating a stock. Safety, Growth and Valuation.

Your money needs to be safe, it needs to grow and it needs to be invested at the right price. That is our exact thought process with our screeners.

Our screeners don’t just cover growth. Supplement your growth strategy with safe, reliable and stable income companies with our dividend screener

Much like our growth screener, our dividend screener assigns a custom grade on over 180 Canadian dividend stocks. You’ll easily gain access to key metrics, including:

  • Dividends as a percentage of free cash flows
  • Dividends as a percentage of operating cash flows
  • Payout ratios
  • 1 and 5 year dividend growth rates
  • Dividend growth streaks

Combine all of these key elements plus a whole lot more behind the scenes, and the end result is our exclusive Stocktrades grade.

Our screeners help you build the best possible investment portfolio with the high potential of growth stocks combined with the safety and security of dividend stocks.

Along with our individual picks and screeners, gain access to our model portfolios:

Our model portfolios are constructed based on a variety of risk tolerances and equity makeups.

Whether you are a near retirement investor looking to take very little risk, or a millennial who is looking to take advantage of the markets at an early age, we have a portfolio for you.

Oh, and lets not forget about the results thus far:

Graphs function best on a desktop or tablet**

8 out of 9 of our model portfolios are currently out performing the TSX

5 of them by over 1000 basis points, and one by nearly 2500 in 2019.

It’s a testament to our ability to find the Canadian stocks investors are striving to buy.

You can mimic our portfolios, or simply follow their progress and purchase individual stocks within them. The choice is ultimately yours.

This secondary feature of Stocktrades Premium packs quite a punch in terms of overall returns.​​​​ 

Over 200 research reports on some of the best Canadian stocks

Time is money. We definitely get that. So you have to ask yourself:

How long would it take you to research over 200 companies?

Even at a couple hours a company, it would take you over 50 days to compile the research we have here at

For $199 $100 a year, not only do you gain access to our individual stock picks, our advanced screeners and our model portfolios, you get thousands of hours worth of invaluable company research.

Have a company in mind we don’t cover? Simply use our Research On Demand feature to ask us to generate a report for you.

Sound to good to be true? Fortunately for you, it isn’t.

What are members saying about

Graham W.

Stocktrades Member Since Dec 2018

“I would say I’m an investor with intermediate experience, at best. I’ve gone through the typical cycle of buying at peaks and selling at lows. I made a purchase of SMF, a stock that Daniel and Mathieu had recommended. The stock struggled at first, and I was very close to selling. They released a newsletter about the importance of patience and analyzing if the investment thesis has changed. This really resonated with me, so I held on. The stock recovered, and today I’m sitting with an 80% percent gain in just six months.”

David W.

Stocktrades Member Since Dec 2018

“I’d been a follower of Stocktrades long before they launched this service. I always appreciated their in depth research and responsiveness on a personal level. They aren’t some corporate company that treats you like a number. They genuinely want to help. I bought Shopify back in December when they recommended it, and I’m currently sitting at a gain of over 150% in just six months. One action taken by me using their service has paid for over a decade of subscription fees.”

Richard M.

Stocktrades Member Since Feb 2019

“I was in a pretty tough position. Working in agriculture, I’m often caught working extremely long hours. I either had to give my money to my bank to invest and pay 6 figures in fees by the time I retired, or find something that can help me save time. Stocktrades has helped me, immensely. I’ve constructed a portfolio and for the first time I feel confident. If something changes about a stock they recommend, I know right away. And if I do have any questions about a particular company, it’s as easy as logging in, checking their screeners and reports, and making quick adjustments.”

Backed by Stocktrade’s 30 day money back guarantee

There are a ton of of skeptical investment services out there. We get it. In fact, when I was just starting out, I was a member of a few of them. I’ll tell you what all of them didn’t offer.

They didn’t offer to refund your membership, down to the last penny, with no questions asked.

Why? Well, because they don’t stand behind their product. We do, and that’s why we aren’t afraid to offer it.

Everything you’ve received from us, whether it be our research reports, our individual picks or our model portfolios are yours to keep.

No long e-mail chains, no waiting periods. Cancel your account right from your dashboard.

Individual picks that are doubling the TSX

Screeners that are beating the weekly returns of the TSX at a 90% rate

9 Model portfolios, of which 8 are beating the returns of the TSX

Over 200 custom research reports on the best stocks in the country

PLUS a 30 day money back guarantee?

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