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Daniel Kent co-founder – stock research – content production

“Stop wasting your money trading…”

The TSX is always considered somewhat of a laggard in terms of returns when compared to the American markets. I’m telling you right now, there’s money to be made on the TSX.

My portfolio is exclusively Canadian stocks, and my TFSA has achieved gains of 30.8% this year and just over 50% in 2018. How? The use of our screener to detect undervalued stocks, and my ability to identify which ones to buy. Stop wasting your money trading, and instead let us show you stocks that provide long lasting profits.

Mathieu Litalien

stock research – content production – investing author

“There’s companies out there that are growing at a rapid pace in Canada….”

When we developed our screener in early 2018, I expected it to outperform the market. What amazed me is the fact it outperformedthe market in every single week of 2019. Not only has our screener helped me improve my own portfolio, but its allowed Dan and I to provide next level growth to members here at Premium.

There’s companies out there that are growing at a rapid pace in Canada. Prior to our screener, I didn’t even know some of these companies existed. Now, I’m delivering them to members for outstanding overall returns.

Stock picks from Daniel and Mathieu returned Premium members over 41% in 2019.

Including one stock that tripled in value, one that doubled, and one that earned over 90%.

See the performance of a handful of stocks that Dan and Mat picked this year:

Shopify Bull List Results

Shopify (SHOP.TO)

Up 212% Since Recommendation

Equitable Bank

Equitable Bank (EQB.TO)

Up 90.41% Since Recommendation

Goeasy Results

GoEasy Ltd. (GSY.TO)

Up 121% Since Recommendation

Leagold Mining Results

Leagold Mining (LMC.TO)

Up 58% Since Recommendation

Parkland Fuel Results

Parkland Fuels (PKI.TO)

Up 37% Since Recommendation

BRP 2019 Results


Up 42.39% Since Recommendation

Out of the 32 stocks we recommended in 2019… 22 are in the green.

A $20,000 investment into our Bull List over 2019 would have left you with a profit of $8400.00, not including dividends.

At the price we’re offering today, that would have been a 10,400% ROI on your subscription cost.

As investors ourselves, we often find that other research outlets cost the same but give nothing more than 1-2 stock picks per month…

You’ll discover right away that Premium is an all-encompassing online platform that offers you so much more, including…

The Bull Lists

(Our Exclusive Individual Stock Picks)

Growth Stocks Bull List

These carefully curated stocks have returned Premium members over 41% this year.Subscribe today and see real-time returns for stocks we’ve spotted, what we love about the companies and what we don’t love. Plus our custom grading of a company’s potential for growth.

Don’t miss out on the potential growth of our new Bull List additions in 2020!

★ NEW FOR 2020 ★ 

Our Dividend StocksBull List!

Members love our regular Bull List. Why not, it achieved returns of over 40% in 2019. They loved the growth, but they also wanted stability and security.

That’s why we’ve developed a dividend side of our Bull List heading into 2020. Now, not only will you get the best growth stocks in the country with our regular Bull List, but you’ll be able to combine them with income stocks that will help you balance your portfolio with our dividend Bull Lists.

Looking for a bit of a preview? We’ve already started researching the best dividend stocks in the country. Watch below:

★ NEW FOR 2020 ★ 

In-depth Reports For Bull List Stocks

We have kicked our Bull List stock reports up a notch for you. They now include more of the information you need to see to make a profitable investment.

See more about our brand new Bull List stock reports here!

Our new Bull List stock reports include this crucial info in text and visuals for your convenience:

  • Real time returns for stocks on our list.
  • Growth report card and rating.
  • Dividend report card and rating if applicable.
  • What we love about the company.
  • What we do not love about the company.
  • The company’s plans for growth.
  • Biggest risks involved with the company.
  • Quarterly earnings history.
  • Overall summary and Stocktrades recommendation.

Growth and Dividend Stock Screeners

In addition to our Bull List, gain access to a custom growth and dividend screeners that track over 560 Canadian stocks and counting.

Outperforming the TSX 100% of the time in 2019, our screeners spot stocks that are significantly undervalued, and deliver the top 20 picks straight your inbox every Sunday.

9 Custom Portfolio Constructions

Want to see what diversification looks like?

At your disposal you’ll have 9 custom portfolios based on specific age groups and risk tolerance.

  • Millennial Conservative.
  • Millennial Moderate.
  • Millennial Aggressive.
  • GenX Conservative.
  • GenX Moderate.
  • GenX Aggressive.
  • Boomer Conservative.
  • Boomer Moderate.
  • Boomer Aggressive.

We should mention that every single one of these portfolios outperformed the TSX in 2019.

View Our 2019 Portfolio Returns

Portfolio Results

On Demand Stock Research

As a Premium subscriber if you’ve got questions on a particular company, simply send us a request to review the company.

We will send you a well fashioned report on our findings, and our opinion about the company’s prospects. Interested to see what they look like? Check out one of our reports below:

Premium Members Only Newsletter

Stay in the game with informative communication about:

  • Market health.
  • Industry trends.
  • Opinions about specific companies.
  • Updates on our Top 20 stocks and Bull List recommendations.

Lets Clear The Air:

We Don’t Day Trade Stocks

The vast majority of investors that get into day trading have the same end result. An empty wallet. Our goal here at is to provide profitable long term investment opportunities.

We Don’t Use Complex Terminology

Investing doesn’t have to be filled with technical terms and confusing numbers. We make investing easier by presenting you information that you can take action on regardless of your skill level.

We Don’t Provide Biased Reports Or Stock Picks

There is trillions of dollars invested in the stock market today. Where there is money, there is manipulation.Investment services may be paid to promote certain stocks, or affiliated with brokers and paid a percentage of their commissions.This skews objectivity and places you, the customer, in a dangerous situation.We don’t get paid to report on or promote any investments. Objectivity is absolutely paramount here at Stocktrades.

Our End Goal Is To Make You Money

That’s It

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What Premium Members Are Saying:

Graham W. member since Dec 2018

I would say I’m an investor with intermediate experience at best. I’ve gone through the typical cycle of buying at peaks and selling at lows. I made a purchase of SMF, a stock that Daniel and Mathieu had recommended. The stock struggled at first, and I was very close to selling. They released a newsletter about the importance of patience and analyzing if the investment thesis has changed. This really resonated with me, so I held on. The stock recovered, and I sold just before it went back down for an 80% percent gain in just six months.

Keith E. member since Dec 2018

If you are interested in longer term trading, I can highly recommend Dan Kent of Stocktrades. He and his trading partner Matt run a very professional and very inexpensive service. Nothing flashy, no BS and they will always answer any stock related questions that you may have. They are legitimately a shining light in the sea of scum that exists only to rob you of your money. And no, I don’t get paid for recommending them.

Richard M. member since Feb 2019

I was in a pretty tough position. Working in agriculture I am often caught working extremely long hours. I either had to give my money to my bank to invest and pay 6 figures in fees by the time I retired, or find something that can help me save time. has helped me immensely. I’ve constructed a portfolio and for the first time I feel confident. If something changes about a stock they recommend, I know right away. If I have any questions about a particular company, it’s as easy as logging in, checking the screeners and reports, and making quick adjustments.

We are confident you’ll see the value in being a member. If you don’t want to join us, thats fine too.Ultimately Premium is designed for people who are looking for better opportunities.If that’s you, today is the day you step up and take your investments to the next level.





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