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Currently 95% of Stocktrades Premium members have maintained their paid subscription beyond 30 days.

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About Stocktrades is a Canadian website offering stock market news, stock research publishing, and informative tools.

Since the beginning we have worked tirelessly to create an impact in the world of online investing by creating a more approachable platform that people can feel comfortable engaging with. Less smoke and mirrors, more informative, objective investment content.

Our Stocktrades Premium memberships is where we connect users with our in-house detailed stock research, and many other exclusive tools that can be used to earn more from your portfolio and learn more about investing.

Why Stocktrades?

Being online marketers ourselves, we know the importance of keeping an audience satisfied with the highest quality content possible, and not bogging down their inboxes with a bunch of spam and frivolous products.

Stocktrades Premium is concerned with helping your audience engage with meaningful content. Stocktrades Affiliate program creates a welcome environment for your audience and allows you to cultivate a new revenue stream at the same time.

In order for a commission to be paid, a referred and paid subscriber must complete their first 30 days without requesting a refund.

Currently, 95% of our paid subscribers have maintained their subscription beyond 30 days.

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Below are a few communications we have received from Stocktrades Premium subscribers:

"Hi Dan and Mat!

If it wasn't for your constant market updates during March of 2020, it is a safe assumption I would have sold the bulk of my stocks for a huge loss, out of fear.

Your service paid for itself in such a short amount of time, just from that single feature alone. Can't thank you enough."

"If you are interested in longer term trading, I can highly recommend Dan Kent of Stocktrades.

He and his trading partner Matt run a very professional and very inexpensive service. Nothing flashy, no BS and they will always answer any stock related questions that you may have.

They are legitimately a shining light in the sea of scum that exists only to rob you of your money."

"Hey Dan,

Very pleased with Stocktrades. Outstanding articles so far. You’ve pointed me in the direction of 5 Star dividend companies that I had previously overlooked. With your help and guidance I am building an incredible income stream.

Love the model portfolios. They are all producing. Really well done."


Very impressed with your screening tools, very flexible and they have data that's hard to find on other sites, also I like the sector breakdown. Very impressed with the reports I have looked at too." Affiliate Resources

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Ultimately the Stocktrades Affiliate Program was designed for those looking for better advertising opportunities.

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