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Stock Picks That Have Crushed The TSX Index

Stocktrades Premium has more than doubled the S&P/TSX Index since its inception

TSX growth stocks are egregiously underfollowed. As a result, we're able to identify these stocks to Premium members before they're spotted by the broader markets. The proof? We're more than doubling the returns of the TSX Index since our inception. Our overall results are available for members to view in real time, 24/7.

With a Stocktrades Premium membership, not only do you gain access to promising stocks currently on our buy lists, you also gain access to quarterly updates of those stocks. We're the only platform in the country to offer this. Time is money, and a Stocktrades Premium membership could save you hundreds of hours of research a year.


Every single stock pick at Stocktrades Premium is made with a 5+ year investment thesis, backed by fundamental analysis. The quickest path to wealth is not through momentum trading or technical indicators, but through buying fundamentally sound companies and holding them for the long term. And our long term results speak for themselves.

Shopify (TSE:SHOP)

+ 926%

34 months

Equitable Bank (TSE:EQB)

+ 170%

34 months

Goeasy (TSE:GSY)

+ 482%

34 months

Birchcliff Energy (TSE:BIR)

+ 162%

34 months


+ 176%

28 months

Aritzia (TSE:ATZ)

+ 196%

33 months

Lightspeed POS (TSE:LSPD)

+ 186%

26 months

TFI International (TSE:TFII)

+ 210%

30 months

NuVista Energy (TSE:NVA)

+ 131%

27 months

WSP Global (TSE:WSP)

+ 125%

27 months

Docebo (TSE:DCBO)

+ 110%

13 months

We help build a core portfolio to last decades

Wall Street and your brokerage want you to think the stock market needs to be exciting. But the reality is, the core of your portfolio needs to be made up of companies built to withstand the test of time. Our Foundational Stocks and Dividend Bull List provide you with the exact tools needed to build that core.

Facing the quickest stock market crash in history in 2020, our 10 Foundational Stocks not only weathered the market crash better than the TSX, but continued to outperform it through the remainder of the year.

Added Aug 20, 2020

Greenlane Renewables

up 239%

Added Oct 23, 2020

Good Natured Products

up 178%

Added Oct 7, 2020

AcuityAds Holdings Inc

up 74%

watch list stocks

Comprised of smaller, more unknown companies, our watchlist contains options that although don't fit the criteria of a Bull List pick, have provided explosive growth for members since its inception.

Finding diamonds in the rough before they gain the attention of Wall Street is a sure way to turbocharge your portfolio. 

Stocktrades has been mentioned on Some of The Most Prominent Publications Today


Stocktrades Premium is one of the only platforms of its kind in Canada to offer a fully private Discord server. Get lightning quick live alerts on opportunities in the market along with direct communication on a daily basis with the brains behind Stocktrades Premium Daniel Kent & Mathieu Litalien.

You'll gain instant access to insightful conversations on some of the best companies in the country, get answers to your most burning questions, and set the platform up to deliver you instant alerts on stocks you care about. In fact, there is a good chance Daniel and Mathieu are talking with members as we speak.

save time

Not just stock picks, but updated reports of every quarterly filing, saving you hundreds of hours of research.


Our platform will help you build a portfolio to last twenty years, not twenty days.

Expert Advice

Direct communication and expert industry analysis backed by over 30 years of self-directed investment experience.


"I have been a premium member for two years now and can vouch for the quality and timeliness of the advice that StockTrades delivers. The platform is easy to navigate and provides sample portfolio, stock screeners and reports. Mat and Dan are both readily available to provide helpful answer to questions and share their considerable knowledge on investment matters. Who can ask for anything more?"

*Rating from user on Trustpilot page


"The team at StockTrades is amazing. Fast response to client questions, insightful information and research, and transparency throughout their reports. As an investor who's relatively green, they have been invaluable. I'm so grateful for all they do and in case you're wondering, they're definitely worth the money."

*Rating from user on Trustpilot page


I have been a part time investor for over 20 years while keeping the bulk of our portfolio with one of the major Canadian banks. After paying far too much in fees for below market returns, my wife and I decided to move all our investments to self directed and I am now managing the entire portfolio.

I do a lot of reading on investing and have been looking for good, unbiased advice to help me guide my investment decisions. I joined premium in mid 2019 and enjoy reading what Dan and his team write. The website is updated constantly and the amount of email communication I receive from Dan is perfect. They do not have a website littered with annoying ads of any kind. I am so tired of other websites bombarding me with ads.

I am continually impressed with the results from the individual stocks and overall portfolio performance. My biggest regrets have been not trusting their recommendations on some of the bull list stocks and thinking I knew better with some other picks of my own! is now my #1 choice for my investing information.

*Rating from user on Trustpilot page

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  • Exclusive Discord server
  • 11 Foundational Stock picks
  • 9 Model Portfolios
  • Individual Growth Stock Picks
  • Individual Dividend Stock Picks
  • Growth Stocks Screener
  • Dividend Safety Screener
  • In-depth stock reports
  • Stock research requests
  • IPO Stocks Centre
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