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Created by 2 reputable Canadian investors with over 30+ combined years of self directed experience

The researchers behind Canada's FASTEST growing investment resource.

Daniel and Mathieu are helping thousands of Canadians through arguably the most exciting and volatile markets we've ever witnessed.

With over $550,000 in net assets comprised of real estate and stocks, Daniel is well on his way to having over $1 million in net assets by his 35th birthday.

One of the most prominent finance writers in the country, his pieces have been mentioned on the Globe and Mail, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, CBC, Moneysense, Forbes and more.

Daniel has completed the Canadian Securities Course, and has been a self-directed investor for over a decade, starting at the age of 19.


With over 20 years of self directed experience, Mathieu Litalien has the experience and knowledge to navigate the Canadian markets.

Mat has an MBA, is a certified Professional Director, one of only three recognized board director certifications by the Canadian Securities Commission.

Mat has his MBA and currently sits as on the Board of Directors of Greater Sudbury Hydro (GSHi) as an independent director. At GSHi, he sits on the Audit Committee which is responsible for setting the direction, implementing controls and approving the budget of this multi-million dollar corporation.


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Our Foundational Stock Picks are stocks that we feel are critical for every Canadian's portfolio to avoid excessive volatility. This year we picked 10 stocks that we believe every Canadian should own.

These picks are released on an annual basis, and are the backbone to many Stocktrades Premium member's portfolios.

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Excellent for long-term investors

I have been with for about a year and their suggestions have been excellent so far. If you are a long-term investor and do not have much time, do yourself a favor, subscribe to this service. (you still have to do extra research yourself to find the picks that suit your liking, risk tolerance and goals, of course)

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Agreed with all the reviews. Very solid approach way and long term guidance with Dan and Matt

Let's clear the air

We Don't Day Trade Stocks

The vast majority of investors that get into day trading have the same end result. An empty wallet.

Our goal here at is to provide research involving profitable long-term investment opportunities.

We Don't use Complex Terminology

Investing doesn't have to be filled with technical terms and confusing numbers.

We make investing easier by presenting to you information that you could take action on regardless of your skill level, should you wish to.

We Don't Provide Biased Reports or Stock Picks

There is trillions of dollars invested in the stock market today. Where there is money, there is manipulation.

Investment services may be paid to promote certain stocks, or affiliated with brokers and paid a percentage of their commissions.

This skews objectivity and places you, the customer, in a dangerous situation.

We don't get paid to report on or promote any investments. Objectivity is absolutely paramount here at Stocktrades Premium.


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