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Daniel Kent co-founder - stock research - content production

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The TSX has underperformed as an index when compared to its U.S. counterparts. As a result, advisors and analysts tell Canadians to look elsewhere.

I'm telling you right now, there's money to be made on the TSX.

How else did I make over 50% in 2018 and nearly 40% in 2019 with a TFSA made up exclusively of Canadian stocks?

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Mathieu Litalien

stock research - content production - investing author

"There's companies out there that are growing at a rapid pace in Canada...."

We found some amazing stocks in 2019, as you'll see in the results below.

The development of our stock screeners have allowed us to identify stocks with better than average growth potential and deliver them to over 700 Premium members.

In fact, our screener outperformed the TSX nearly every single week in 2019, showcasing growth stocks outperformance vs value or income stocks.

This market crash has hit growth stocks the hardest.

We're currently working around the clock to prepare members to take advantage of a potentially huge market recovery.

There's companies out there that are growing at a rapid pace in Canada, and the market crash of 2020 has left them trading even cheaper.

See The Performance Of A Handful Of Stocks That Dan And Mat Picked Last Year:


Shopify up 200.17% in 2019 since recommendation.


Equitable Bank up 87.60%  in 2019 since recommendation.


GoEasy Ltd. up 116.53%  in 2019 since recommendation.


Leagold Mining up 59.90%  in 2019 since recommendation.


Aritzia up 60%  in 2019 since recommendation.


BRP Inc. up 41%  in 2019 since recommendation.

This Opportunity Doesn't Happen Often

These returns above were during an overpriced market.

Imagine the returns on growth stocks now that prices have dropped?

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The Bull Lists

(Exclusive Stock Research)


These carefully curated stock picks returned Premium members over 41% last year.

Subscribe today and see the stocks we've spotted, what we love about the companies and what we don't love. Plus our custom grading of a company's potential for growth.

Right this second we are uncovering unique buying opportunities that provide value to Premium Members.

Every day you aren't in the loop you miss out on the gains that we stand to realize over the course of 2020 and beyond.

NEW FOR 2020

Dividend Stocks Bull List


Members love our regular Bull List. Why not, it achieved returns of over 41% in 2019. They loved the growth, but they also wanted stability and security.

That's why we've developed a dividend side of our Bull List.

Now, not only will you get the best growth stocks in the country with our regular Bull List, but you'll be able to combine them with income stocks that will help you balance your portfolio with our dividend Bull Lists.

NEW FOR 2020

In-depth Stock Analysis Reports For Bull List Stocks


Our stock reports are in-depth, yet extremely easy to read.

Let us dig into the complex financial statements and explain company fundamentals to you in plain english, on any company you'd like.

  • Competition and industry comparison of current valuation.
  • Growth report card and rating.
  • Dividend report card and rating if applicable.
  • What we love about the company.
  • balance, income and cash flow statements, analyst estimates.
  • What we do not love about the company.
  • The company's plans for growth.
  • Biggest risks involved with the company.
  • Quarterly earnings history.
  • Overall summary and Stocktrades recommendation.

​Growth and Dividend Stock Screeners

*Stocktrades Free members have access to only the Energy section of our Growth and Dividend Stock Screeners.

In addition to our Bull List, gain access to a custom growth and dividend screeners that track over 560 Canadian stocks and counting.

Outperforming the TSX nearly 100% of the time in 2019, our screeners spot stocks that are significantly undervalued, and deliver the top 20 picks straight your inbox every Sunday.

Custom Portfolio Constructions

*Stocktrades Free members have access to only one of our Custom Portfolio Constructions.

Want to see what diversification looks like?

Stocktrades Free members get access to 

  • Millennial Conservative.
  • Millennial Moderate.
  • Millennial Aggressive.
  • GenX Conservative.
  • GenX Moderate.
  • GenX Aggressive.
  • Boomer Conservative.
  • Boomer Moderate.
  • Boomer Aggressive.

We should mention that every single one of these portfolios outperformed the TSX in 2019, and are currently all outpacing in 2020 as well:

​Premium Members Content


Stay in the game with informative communication about:

  • Market health.
  • Industry trends.
  • Opinions about specific companies.
  • Updates on our Top 20 stocks and Bull List recommendations.

​Questions & Answers

*Stocktrades Free members have full access to our Questions & Answers section.

Want to know if that company you're looking at is still a buy? Want to request research on an individual company?

Our Q&A section is one of the most powerful features here at, and it saved members tons of money during the 2020 market crash.

"Hi Dan and Mat!

If it wasn't for your constant market updates and quick responses during March of 2020, it is a safe assumption I would have sold the bulk of my stocks for a huge loss, out of fear.

Your service paid for itself in such a short amount of time, just from a single feature alone. Can't thank you enough."

Let's Clear The Air:

We Don't Day Trade Stocks

The vast majority of investors that get into day trading have the same end result. An empty wallet. Our goal here at is to provide profitable long term investment opportunities.

We Don't Use Complex Terminology

Investing doesn't have to be filled with technical terms and confusing numbers. We make investing easier by presenting you information that you can take action on regardless of your skill level.

We Don't Provide Biased Reports Or Stock Picks

There is trillions of dollars invested in the stock market today. Where there is money, there is manipulation.

Investment services may be paid to promote certain stocks, or affiliated with brokers and paid a percentage of their commissions.

This skews objectivity and places you, the customer, in a dangerous situation.

We don't get paid to report on or promote any investments. Objectivity is absolutely paramount here at Stocktrades.

Our End Goal Is To Make You Money. That's It.

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Here is what a few Premium members have been saying:

"Hi Dan!

This is an awesome service... love the fundamental information and the pro’s and con’s of each stock."

"If you are interested in longer term trading, I can highly recommend Dan Kent of Stocktrades.

He and his trading partner Matt run a very professional and very inexpensive service. Nothing flashy, no BS and they will always answer any stock related questions that you may have.

They are legitimately a shining light in the sea of scum that exists only to rob you of your money."


Very impressed with your screening tools, very flexible and they have data that's hard to find on other sites, also I like the sector breakdown. Very impressed with the reports I have looked at too."

"Hey Dan,

Very pleased with Stocktrades. Outstanding articles so far. You’ve pointed me in the direction of 5 Star dividend companies that I had previously overlooked. With your help and guidance I am building an incredible income stream.

Love the model portfolios. They are all producing. Really well done."

"I somehow came across your list of 32 stocks to buy about a week ago. At first I was skeptical about a young guy in a sweatshirt and baseball cap surrounded by sports memorabilia giving investment advice but after reading your analysis of the various investments I couldn't help but agree with what you are saying. I bought several of the 32 and they are all going up. I actually like your fresh approach to a stodgy business and I am a stodgy 72 yr old myself.

I have signed up to your premium membership and look forward to reading your future analysis."

"Hi Dan:

I found your site when I was searching for Lithium stocks. I am a technical trader using TD Dashboard and Metastock.

Looks like your approach will complement what I am doing...we shall see.

Every day more and more people just like you are talking about

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*All results accurate as of Jan 1st 2020