Stick a Fork in it, CannTrust (TSX:TRST) is Dead Money

It hasn’t been a good month for CannTrust (TSX:TRST) shareholders. In early July, the company was caught illegally growing cannabis. Unfortunately, the news just got worse.On Thursday evening, it was announced that the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has opened an investigation into the company. The investigation will be in partnership with the RCMP’s Financial Crime Program and the OPP’s Anti-Rackets Branch.This has gone beyond mis-management of production. As new information has … [Read more...] about Stick a Fork in it, CannTrust (TSX:TRST) is Dead Money

CannTrust (TSX:TRST) Overhauls Management, What’s Next?

A surprise visit by health inspectors to one of CannTrust's (TSX:TRST) facilities resulted in a discovery of multiple deficiencies in the process of growing product that had been finished and shipped to distributors.Since that initial discovery it has only snowballed into a scathing situation for CannTrust involving the unlicensed production rooms and allegations that the high levels of management had knowledge of the unlicensed growing that had occurred. Amid the aftermath, the … [Read more...] about CannTrust (TSX:TRST) Overhauls Management, What’s Next?

CannTrust (TSX:TRST) – Another Bombshell Drops

Here we go again. Late yesterday, reports emerged that CannTrust (TSX:TRST) senior leaders were fully aware that the company was operating illegal growing operations.Unfortunately, this is contrary to the initial reactions from management when the story first broke a couple of weeks ago. As a reminder, CannTrust has been accused of growing marijuana in un-licensed rooms, intentionally mis-leading Health Canada officials and devising elaborate schemes to keep their illegal grow ops out of the … [Read more...] about CannTrust (TSX:TRST) – Another Bombshell Drops

CannTrust (TSX:TRST) – Don’t Catch a Falling Knife

If you are invested in the cannabis sector, then you have surely heard of the bombshell dropped by CannTrust (TSX:TRST) earlier this week. If not, let me summarize.CannTrust was found to have been engaged in illegal growing activities. The company produced thousands of kilograms of marijuana in rooms that had yet to be licensed.The story has evolved over the days, and it appears that the company purposely misled Health Canada officials. Employees sent Health Canada false information and … [Read more...] about CannTrust (TSX:TRST) – Don’t Catch a Falling Knife

CannTrust (TRST.TO) Stock Drops After Failed Health Inspection

Product Grown in Rooms Not Yet LicensedWell known Canadian pot producer CannTrust (TSX:TRST) saw a sharp decline in their share price following news that some of their product grown in unlicensed rooms had been shipped out of their Niagara facility.Health inspectors showed up unannounced at the Niagara facility in June and have requested a formal response from CannTrust by mid-July on how exactly the unlicensed production took place.Thousands of Kilograms of Marijuana On … [Read more...] about CannTrust (TRST.TO) Stock Drops After Failed Health Inspection

Marijuana Stocks – The 5 Best Canadian Cannabis Stocks

Our Top Marijuana Stocks For 2019:Cannabis stocks have become a hot commodity recently and many companies are looking to take advantage of this boom through a flurry of public listings. The problem for retail investors is determining which marijuana stocks make good investments. As with any high growth industry, the companies you see listed on the Canadian exchanges will not all be there in 5 years. Some will go under. There will most likely be acquisitions, and consolidation in the … [Read more...] about Marijuana Stocks – The 5 Best Canadian Cannabis Stocks