At we know that it can be easy to get caught up in the world of money and investing. We all get distracted and wrapped up in our own little worlds and missions. How much will I need to retire? What is the best plan of action for my investment portfolio? Most have been blessed with the ability to put a little bit of money away, be it for retirement or just an emergency fund. But how often do we think about the individuals or families who simply don’t have this luxury?

Now as with every year we reach the time where it is paramount to complete our own schedules and lists. But it is equally important to think of those that may be struggling during one of the most expensive times of the year. While some are debating cooking a ham with their turkey, others are just trying to get a meal on the table for their families.

Christmas in our families was always filled with a time of joy and happiness as kids whether it be because of time spent with family, the gifts that we received or the food we ate. This is why the story of a young family with a 2-year-old daughter touched us in such a way that we simply had to help. We can’t help everyone no matter how badly we want to, but if we can help this family and their girl have the Christmas that every child deserves it’s better than doing nothing. Dan and Dylan with, along with help and donations from Rockstar Finance and Dan’s family have decided to help out this struggling couple and their two-year-old child.

Stocktrades Christmas

This young lady at 23 years old has had to fight multiple bouts of cancer starting at age 15 from thyroid, ocular, lung, and breast cancer. She tells us that her husband goes without everything and works tirelessly to ensure that his family is taken care of. When we heard the story of this family’s struggle we were interested in reaching out to help them this Christmas and hopefully give them some cheer and at the very least a sense that they are not alone in their battle. As you can probably remember as children we all have our little obsessions. This child in particular, is obsessed with anything Minnie Mouse.

We hope their youngster will be thrilled to get her very own Minnie Mouse bed, plus a few outfits, a toque, gloves, and some Disney plush toys. For the hard-working husband and his brave wife, we have $200 in cash and some gift cards for them to spend as they please. We hope this will help them breathe a little easier this Christmas season and give their young girl the Christmas she deserves, as well as help the family with any expenses or necessities they need. We have been overjoyed to be able to help. We feel for this couple, their daughter, and we wish this strong family the very best in the New Year.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of making your holidays nothing but perfect. But a small gift or donation that may seem insignificant to some may make another families holiday season infinitely better. It doesn’t even have to cost much. A random act of kindness, a donation to a food bin or serving food at a homeless shelter can go a long ways to making somebodies holidays memorable. Remember to find a way to give this Christmas season as even the slightest notion of assistance can make a world of a difference for someone else.

Cheers to all, have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Dan and Dylan

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