Welcome to the June 9th edition of the weekend roundup! We didn’t publish one last week so we promised to make up for it this week with some excellent articles. Our focus this weekend is going to be mainly on dividends(but not all of course), as our most recent publication was some extensive research on the top 10 dividend stocks in Canada. We hope you enjoy!

Our article this week was the top 10 dividend stocks in Canada for 2017. We hope to update this list semi-annually and give Canadians an extensive list on some of the dividend giants in Canada. Who knows, maybe we go to the top 20 eventually.

SureDividend posts an excellent case study on the stock Terra Nitrogren. We love case study type articles at Stocktrades. Getting into the mind of an experienced investor and how he analyzes a stock is a necessary experience for new investors.

Dan Caplinger investigates 3 insanely cheap and high yielding dividends stocks that you should be taking a long hard look at right now.

The dividend guy posts a great informal article on what exactly the YOC(Yield On Cost) means.

Passive Income Earner highlights 3 dividend growth stocks right now.

Another great case study by the Dividend Diplomats on Delta Airlines for anyone looking to add an American airline to their portfolio.

Joel Schlesinger talks in depth about investing when you’re young, even if the budget is really tight.

Dividend Growth Investor talks about how you can become a dividend investor by spending less than four hours a week.

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