We’ve decided to add a neat feature at Stocktrades where we highlight some of the top blog posts for the week for all things finance.

It’s been a sad week at Stocktrades as we seen our Edmonton Oilers fall in 7 games to the Anaheim Ducks. We get a lot of the “But you’re from Calgary” responses but little do they know there are a lot of fans in Calgary that bleed copper and blue. Oh well, go Sens!

Our main article we decided to publish this week was an in depth review of the popular app You Need A Budget, also known as YNAB.

Financial Uproar posts a great guest post about the downfalls of post secondary schooling.

Great article from Rob Carrick at the Globe and Mail about baby boomers and the potential financial struggles they may face in retirement, including having to rely on their millennial children to cover the costs.

Great post on choosing the right credit card by Desirae at HalfBanked.com.

Canadian Couch Potato questions if bonds are currently worth investing in. You can’t predict the direction of interest rates, and they explain why investing in bonds is still a key part to your portfolio today.

We always love reading Marks posts, and he has a great article on how to knock down your hydro bill.

Money We Have’s Barry Choi writes a great piece for getting your first mortgage.

Looking to find a financial advisor? David Hodges writes a great piece on finding the advisor that’s right for you.

Boomer and Echo are always pumping out solid content. We loved this piece on setting graduates up for financial success.

We hope you gain some insight from these articles. If you are interested in featuring an article on our weekend wrap-up, let us know! We love to read anything personal finance/investing related. If your article provides unique and knowledgable information, we want to hear about it!


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