This can be true in my life for a lot of situations. Unfortunately, the weather has been so miserable lately that every time I try to go out for a round it’s either freezing, or pouring rain. In 2016 I was golfing in British Columbia mid April and it was 31 degrees. Good thing I didn’t pay for my membership yet in town. I think it may be a short golf season here in Alberta. Not sure if any of you watch the show, but a local from Calgary Kevin Martin(@KevinRobMartin) took home the title of Big Brother Canada 5. Representing YYC well. Anyways, on to our top articles of the week.

We published a couple big articles this week, one regarding penny stocks in Canada and another involving the management expense ratio of mutual funds. Check them both out, great reads.

Urban Departures, a blog ran by Daniel and Emily write about the numerous difficulties and choices you have when buying a house

Justin and Kyle from Young and Thrifty write a great article on the five things you need to think about before buying your first condo.

Jonathan Chevreau from Moneysense writes a tremendous article on the sheer amount of time you have during retirement, and it honestly left me wondering what the hell I would be doing with it.

Bridget Casey from Money After Graduation’s debt crusher course is a free course to help people buried in consumer debt. Enrolling and following her advice could save you thousands of dollars in interest costs.

Jen Wieczner posts the 21 best stocks to buy right now, regardless of what Trump is doing.

Alessandra Malito writes a great post on what your finances should look like in your 30’s.

Here is an article by Kirsten McKernan on how to save time and money the next time you head to a ball game in Toronto.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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