It’ll be a short roundup this week. I have been crazy busy and the weather here in Calgary the past couple days has been an absolute disaster. I woke up to pictures of trampolines caught up in powerlines on my Facebook. I feel for the farmers. The delays they are facing right now with seeding could cost them a large chunk of change.

Anyways, here is our top reads for the week:

We are currently working on a huge article for ETFs. We hope to have it published by early next week. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our completely revamped penny stock trading in Canada article

Great article on Give Me Back My Five Bucks about deciding whether or not to aggressively pay down your mortgage.

Margaret Price on Investors Business Daily writes an excellent piece on certain things you need to do before you quit your job to retire

John Waggoner talks about the three smartest investments you can make when interest rates are rising.

Adam Sarhan on Forbes gives some insight on 5 Healthcare stocks that may be undervalued right now.

David Hodges on the Globe and Mail explains whether you should get to paying down your mortgage, or if that money would be better placed in investments.

That’s all I got this time. I didn’t have much time to read due to the absolutely hectic week I had. Will be sure to make up for it next week. I hope you guys enjoy! Have a great weekend.

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