Requirements Of New IPOs

In Canada, we have only two “boards” where a company can list their shares for public sale, the TSX and TSX Venture. They are distinguished by the market capitalization of the shares traded on each of their exchanges and other considerations. So after meeting all filings with the exchange commissions, the prospective IPO must file…

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Filing With The Securities and Exchange Commission

To protect investors, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) requires that companies file a registration statement with them before they issue public offering shares. This registration statement contains detailed information about the issuing company and its business. The Securities Exchange Commission will review the registration statement and an accompanying prospectus to ensure that they…

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How do IPOs Work?

Many people know what an IPO is, but ask themselves how do IPOs work? Reading below will give you a basic understanding of how an IPO actually gets off the ground.   The Prospectus   Once a company has decided they have a marketable offering capable of raising the funding they are after, the first…