The Benefits Of Online Trading

When the market bell rings and things are abuzz, you see people rushing about, shouting and gesturing to one another, talking on phones, eyes on the monitors, and entering data into terminals, it’s a seemingly chaotic, yet intriguing picture.

Trading online might not have the same exciting charge we see happening on market floors, but it is undeniably quick and efficient. 

Online trading is like any other trading, except the process takes place virtually. It may include trading of stocks, futures, bonds and other financial commodities. 

Ever since the 1990’s, and since the advances made in computers and internet connections, online trading has grown substantially. It’s been said that the processing power of computers doubles every two years, which means an extremely quick connection to the internet, allowing traders easy access and the ability to conduct analysis on their own computer or smartphone. 

Prior to this, trading was done via meetings, faxes, mail, and phone calls. No surprise, this was an awfully slow process of doing business, since brokers first had to confirm all transaction details, such as price, quantity, what was traded, the duration of the trade and the exit price.

Now, with trading platforms, you can place trades quickly and strike while the iron is hot. An online trading platform should offer traders a simple way to trade and access the financial markets.

Let’s start looking at some of the best benefits of online trading.

Fast Transactions

We live in a fast era, and speed is a prime benefit of trading. When you eliminate the time it takes to make phone calls and explain what you want, you can instantly see how much time you can save when done online. With a few clicks, you can immediately start to buy or sell. Plus, you can quickly transfer money to and from your account even when on the go. 

Precision planning

To buy and sell online, you need a demat account, which is short for a dematerialized/electronic format account. It basically functions like a bank account and holds shares and securities. This electronic form makes shares much easier to maintain and accessible from anywhere throughout the world. You could opt for an account at and download the platform – which uses the Metatrade system – straight to your smartphone. On this single platform, you will find analytical technologies to implement even the most difficult trading strategies. As you will see, a trading platform isn’t only about trading, and you need a good platform for other tasks too including: 


  • Entering, exiting and managing setups
  • Acting upon chart analysis
  • Using indicators
  • Changing or adding tools for analysis
  • Using expert advisors
  • Using a strategy tester
  • Monitoring stock updates
  • Keeping track of open and closed trades
  • Switching through several accounts quickly
  • Using multiple profiles for different types of analysis

Easy access

This is probably one of the biggest advantages. If there’s anything that should break the barriers between countries, it is trade. It gives you access to trade at any time across the globe. Online trading has this apt feature because it allows instantaneous transactions, 24/7. The ease of access also means you can easily research the stock you want to invest in, determine the price and quantity, confirm the volume on the trading platform, and place your order.

Eliminate the middleman

The middle man is an intermediary between the buyer and seller. Cutting the middleman out is usually a win-win situation for both parties involved, since it is a cost effective strategy. In traditional trading, one might have to trade with this hierarchical structure but with online trading and its tools, you don’t need a middleman to buy or sell or explain anything to you because the information you need is right there. 

Real-time monitoring

Many online trading sites offer stock quotes and information that makes it easier for people to see how their investments are doing in real-time. The facilitation of monitoring your account is a benefit you want to take advantage of. With advanced interfaces and tools provided, you can have the information you need at the time you want it. These tools in addition to the information means evaluating your profits and losses in real-time and access reports on market trends that indicate the market direction, so you can make appropriate decisions. 


No need to invest big

If you’re just beginning to learn the ropes of trading, you’ll probably worry about investing large amounts of money. The beauty of online trading is that you don’t have to start with a huge investment. Some people have started with no more than a couple of hundred dollars. You will be exposed to professional investors, but you can still start making small investments and small profits till you get the hang of it.

Start when you’re ready

As long as you have a high speed connection, a computer or smartphone, an account and the platform you are ready to go. There are hundreds of tutorials and videos to help you get started. So educate yourself as much as you can first, and once you’re ready all the tools you need are available.  

Better ROI

The results of return on investment (ROI) vary broadly given the trading strategies, risk management practices and the amount of capital each trader works with. But logic tells us that the accumulation of the several advantages mentioned can lead to a better ROI. 

Making informed decisions

One of the biggest benefits of online trading that often goes unnoticed is that it increases your knowledge, and you learn more about how the stock market works. With the availability of constant updates, you are able to make smart and quick decisions. Decisions are based on the ability and the responsibility to gather information, and while doing so, you become financially smarter in your investment decisions.