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At we are self-directed investors. We created our stock screeners for ourselves first. Premium Features are our way of sharing with our subscribers the tools that we use to find the best stocks on the market.

Let us show you our Growth Stock Screener Premium Feature and how it is going to make your stock searching a whole lot easier.

What is the Growth Stock Screener ?

The Growth Stock Screener is a set of exclusive stock lists that we curate with the help of an algorithm, or “screener” we developed in-house to identify Canadian companies that are actively planning for growth. The only way to get access is to subscribe to our Growth Stock Screener Premium Feature!

“I was in a pretty tough position. Working in agriculture, I’m often working extremely long hours. I either had to give my money to my bank to invest and pay 6 figures in fees by the time I retired, or find something that can help me save time. has helped me immensely. I’ve constructed a portfolio and for the first time I feel confident in just setting and forgetting. If I do have any questions about a particular company, it’s as easy as logging in, checking their screeners and reports, and making quick adjustments.”

Richard Main Premium Subscriber since Jan 2019

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The perfect solution for finding optimal stocks in a particular industry. Our Growth Stock Screeners are easy to navigate and contain a ton of information that allows subscribers to instantly separate the good from the bad.

How does the Growth Stock Screener work?

  • To create our Growth Stock Screener the financial metrics of companies are automatically pulled into our screener.
  • The screener scrutinizes and vets stocks based on key characteristics of a company’s financial metrics that can signal a potential for growth.
  • We take each company into careful consideration before adding them to any of our Growth Stock Screeners.
  • The result for subscribers to our Growth Stock Screener is a list of industry specific companies that are best positioned for growth.

“I would say I’m an investor with intermediate experience at best. I’ve gone through the typical cycle of buying at peaks and selling at lows. I made a purchase of SMF, a stock that had recommended after I subscribed. The stock struggled at first, and I was very close to selling. They released a newsletter about the importance of patience and analyzing if the investment thesis has changed. This really resonated with me, so I held on. Today, I’m sitting with an 80% percent gain in just six months.”

Graham Willway Premium Subscriber since Dec 2018

We’ve Taken Industries A Step Further

Stocks are often given a fairly broad designation. You’ll see things like energy, industrials, or consumer defensive. But you need to look deeper. We have broken down our lists into 19 industries:

  • Pinpoint what exactly a company does.
  • See for yourself how it compares to others who operate in the same industry.

Stop comparing insurance companies to banks, simply because they are both in the financial sector.

12 Tracked And Sortable Metrics

Subscribers can easily sort stocks by key valuation, earnings, and sales expectations metrics. You can also sort using the custom ranking factor to narrow your focus down even further.

Request Custom Research In Seconds Premium Features subscribers have the ability to request a custom research report from a company of their choosing. If we don’t cover the stock here at, there will be a “Request” button right on the tables. Simply click it, fill out the form, and we will have the report back to you as quickly as we can.

Browse On Your Phone With Ease

Mobile is everything these days. Not all of us have the ability to use a desktop computer on demand. We took this into consideration when constructing our tables. Almost more fluent than they are on desktop, our mobile tables provide investors with quick access to all the information they need about a company while on the go.

A Custom Screener For A Bargain Price!

“I’d been a follower of long before they launched this service. I always appreciated their in depth research and responsiveness on a personal level. They aren’t some corporate company that treats you like a number. They genuinely want to help. I bought Shopify back in December when they recommended it and I’m currently sitting at a gain of over 150%. One action taken by me using their service has paid for over a decade of subscription fees.”

Dave White Premium Subscriber since Dec 2018

Want Results?

Here is how our Growth Stock Screeners shape up to the TSX:


Our Screener Top 20



Feb 8th




Feb 15th




Feb 22nd




Mar 1st




Mar 8th




Mar 15th




Mar 22nd




Mar 29th




Apr 5th




Apr 12th




Apr 19th




Apr 26th




May 3rd




May 10th




May 17th




May 24th




Our stock screeners have been meticulously tested for accuracy, and have been proven to find undervalued growth stocks and bring them to our investors in the form of these tables. From these tables, you’re able to view the stocks detailed report, making them truly an all-in-one solution for an investor trying to build a portfolio or add to their current one.

Stop Wasting Time Sifting Through Potential Stocks. 

Separate The Good From The Bad In Seconds, Not Days.

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The Growth Stock Screener

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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why don’t you offer a free trial?

A: Our membership structure isn’t something that could benefit a subscriber through a 7 or 14 day free trial period. Our content is updated frequently, some of it daily even. Investing is a long term journey, and in order for Premium Features to have the greatest benefit to a subscriber, they need to be taken in over time.

Q: What companies do you research?

A: Currently our primary focus is on Canadian companies that have a market cap exceeding 500 million.Our reports maintain the highest level of objectivity. Our writers do not report on stocks they own. Any company that is owned by our writers is outsourced to a third party researcher who also has no position in the stock.There is nothing worse than reading a positive report on a company and realizing at the end of the report the writer holds a position in the company. Although the writer may have produced the report with the best intentions, there is always the possibility of a bias existing. You won’t find that at

Q: Do you recommend stocks? Do you manage portfolios?

A: The purpose of is to save investors time and money. However, we do not recommend the purchase or sale of any stocks here at, nor do we manage investors portfolios. We provide information here at that is designed to help an investor make better decisions when it comes to their investments, but we cannot determine if a stock is right or wrong for a particular investor. All of our content here at is for informational purposes, and because there is a multitude of factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing an investment, it is the investor’s job to determine if a stock is the right choice for their portfolio.

Q: How does your grading system work?

A: Our stock screener follows 3 strict guidelines for the final grades of our stocks. Safety, Valuation, and Growth.Safety ScoreOur Safety metrics, tracking beta, and market cap, will provide an investor with the overall volatility of the stock. As you probably know, stocks with a lower market cap are usually more volatile, and the beta gives an investor an idea of how volatile the stock is compared to the market.Valuation ScoreOur Valuation metrics track the Price to Book, Price to Earnings Growth, and Price to Sales multiples of the stock. Analysts aren’t always right, and it is very possible that the expected growth of the company is already factored into the current stock price. Our valuation scores will give you some insight on that. Or, even better, it can give you some insight on stocks that are seemingly undervalued.Growth ScoreOur Growth metrics track the company’s potential Earnings Per Share, and Sales growth for the next year, as well as a few features we have crafted ourselves, called EPS growth history, and sales growth history. This tracks how consistently a company has been able to improve earnings and sales. If a company misses in a quarter, the scores are reset.We use a combination of these 3 crucial areas to come to an overall conclusion about a company. You’ll see the page in the reports, which will give you an idea of how the company ranks individually, and compared the industry it is in. Especially in terms of valuation metrics like price-to-earnings and price-to-sales, comparing the company’s multiples to the industry it’s in and not the overall stock market is crucial.

Q: How can I pay? Is it secure?

A: In order to provide the best level of security available for our subscribers, none of the payments go through us. We do not receive your payment information, nor do we store your payment information. As of right now, we have two payment methods, both being some of the most secure for making transactions on the internet today, Stripe, and Paypal.Our payment systems handle most major credit cards.

Q: Will you ever raise your prices? If so, what do I pay?

A: Once you become a member at, the price you pay is the price you will always pay before promotions are applied, as long as your subscription stays active. Our prices will more than likely increase as we keep adding more and more content to But just remember that what you pay, before promotions, will never go up, for the life of your subscription.

Q: What about NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks?

A: For right now, our focus is on Canadian equities. This is primarily due to the fact that over 85 percent of our audience is Canadian. With that being said, we will conduct research on stocks listed on these exchanges if they are requested by a yearly subscriber using our on demand stock reports feature.NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks are definitely something we will be thinking about implementing in the future.

Q: How often are your top stock lists updated? Do these lists represent buy and sell recommendations?

A: Our top stock lists are updated every Sunday, no later than 5 PM MST. These lists are there for you to gain an overview of the industry in general and view stocks that our screener has determined have strong fundamentals and may be a strong investment.However, a company that may be right for one investors portfolio, may be a mistake for another. These lists do not represent buy or sell recommendations. We do not act as a brokerage, or adviser. does not make any buy or sell recommendations. Our system is set up to help save you time in analysis, and guide you towards making your own decisions that are right for your portfolio.

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