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Over 360 Stocks From 19 Industries, Updated Over 104 Times A Year.

The perfect solution for finding the optimal stock for you in a particular industry, our top stock lists are easy to navigate, and contain a ton of information that is going to allow you to instantly separate the good from the bad.


We've Taken Industries A Step Further

Stocks are often given a fairly broad designation. You'll see things like energy, industrials, consumer defensive. 

But you need to look deeper. We have broken down our lists into 19 industries so you can pinpoint what exactly a company does, and how it compares to others who do the same thing. Stop comparing insurance companies to banks, simply because they are both in the financial sector.


12 Tracked And Sortable Metrics

Sort stocks by key valuation metrics, earnings or sales expectations, or even our custom ranking factor to narrow your focus down even further.


Request Custom Research In Seconds

As a premium subscriber, you have the ability to request a custom research report from a company of your choosing. If we don't cover the stock here at Stocktrades, there will be a "Request" button right on the tables. Simply click it, fill out the form, and we will have the report back to you as soon as possible.


Browse On Your Phone With Ease

Mobile is everything these days. Not all of us have the ability to use a desktop computer on demand. We took this into consideration when constructing our tables. Almost more fluent than they are on desktop, our mobile tables provide investors with quick access to all the information they need about a company while on the go.


A Custom Screener For A Bargain Price

Our stock screener has been meticulously tested for accuracy, and has been proven to be able to find undervalued growth stocks and bring them to our investors in the form of these tables. From these tables, you're able to view the stocks detailed report, making them truly an all-in-one solution for an investor trying to build a portfolio or add to their current one.


Stop Wasting Time Sifting Through Potential Stocks In A Particular Industry. Separate The Good From The Bad In Seconds, Not Days.

Unlock Stocktrades Premium Features Immediately, With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You've got no reason not to give our full feature plan a try. 

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