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Penny Stocks In Canada – Trading Penny Stocks

Trading Penny Stocks In Canada   For the most part, penny stocks have a bad reputation. It really depends on what magnitude of a security you are talking about. Let's just say that penny stocks pose substantially more risk, even done the correct way, than say value or dividend investing. This article will cover what…
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What Is A Penny Stock? Getting Started With Penny Stocks

What Is A Penny Stock? What is a penny stock? This is a simple yet highly complicated question with as many answers as there are investment professionals in this world. But let's focus on two of the more popular definitions to begin with. First, is a cookie-cutter definition that most people use - a penny…
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You Have Options – What Is An Option

You Have Options - An Options Investing Blog I've always been fascinated with options. Not because of the potential of a large payout, but just the structure of them. I don't believe in the big payday hype, and neither should you. For 99.9 percent of options traders, trading with such strategies will surely destroy your…
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The Role Of Psychology In Trading

The Role of Psychology in Trading Dr. Van Tharp is known for breaking down the trading process into three categories that affect traders. He categorizes them by importance as follows:   Trading strategy (10%) Money management (30%) Psychology (60%)   According to Dr. Tharp, the psychological outlook and an individual’s way of thinking towards trading…
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