Weddin season

I have been extremely busy here the past month, so I really didn’t have time to do a weekend roundup. Wedding season is almost finished and I can finally have my weekends back. This weeks roundup is going to be focused on some great articles on Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs as most like to call them. We just wrote a giant guide on ETFs that you can feel free to read and share. Otherwise lets just get right to it.

In an older but solid article, Gail Bebee explains why ETFs may be a solid investment, but they are far from perfect.

When you are trying to learn about ETFs, what better site to look at than They published a great guide similar to ours about ETF investing.

John Devcic produces a great post about the 5 flaws you need to know when investing in ETFs.

Jonathan Chevreau from Moneysense published a great article back in March about the best Canadian ETFs for 2017.

Shirley Won published a great article back in January of this year to highlight some great aggressive ETFs you may want to use for your RRSP portfolio.

And finally, Jason Heath from the Financial Post produced a great article a couple months ago on picking the best ETFs.

Enjoy these articles and your weekend everyone!

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