Welcome to the latest edition of our weekend roundup!

Unfortunately, the days are already getting shorter and the nights longer. We’ve only got about one month of summer left so we best enjoy it. The one good thing about summer ending? Hockey starting. Our piece this weekend was a gigantic Questrade review.

If you do not already know, I am a huge advocate of Questrade and have used their services to open my TFSA and one of my RRSP accounts. They have made amazing improvements to their customer support and platforms over the years and having tested a few brokers, I wouldn’t choose anyone but them.

There is no theme this weekend, just some solid articles we have came across this week! Have a great weekend.

Mark Seed from Myownadvisor took the time to interview me about my current investment journey. I’d like to thank Mark for doing so, and would also like viewers to check out his interview I did with him.

Ky Trang Ho from Forbes published a great article back in January about the 9 best ETFs to pick for 2017.

I had been thinking about switching my rewards credit card from the Avion to something with fewer fees. I found a great article from Stephen at HowToSaveMoney.ca on the best travel credit cards in Canada for 2017.

Sophia Harris from CBC publishes a great article about ways to fight back against the banks and their rising fees.

Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey talks about some key sources of income you need to be thinking about in retirement.

The Dividend Blog Guy published a very interesting article about how much you really need to have to be able to live off interest and not touch your capital in retirement.

There are numerous options out there for savings accounts. Chonce from Money Under 30 explains 6 ways to figure out if you’ve found the right one.

And finally, Kyle Prevost from Retirehappy.ca explains why Robo-Advisors may not just be for millennials.

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