Welcome to the Friday November 10th edition of our weekend roundup! It’s been a fairly crazy month here at Stocktrades considering we just went through a complete website redesign and a new logo. I haven’t had much time to produce a published roundup and although we send them out to our mailing list, it’s important we publish them so those not on it can view them too.

We decided this week to go with a pot-themed roundup. The reasoning behind this is we all know legalization for cannabis here in Canada is just around the corner. With that brings an industry that is full of promise. Because of this, we published our Top Marijuana Stocks In Canada earlier this week. At the head of this list is Canopy Growth Corporation, who was also featured in our Top Canadian Growth Stocks. Canopy Growth Corp experienced some MAJOR growth over the last month to say the least. The stock has risen from 12 dollars to a high of 22. Now, it is hard to say if this state of growth is sustainable or even permanent, but it is definitely a stock you need to keep a keen eye on.

With that being said, here is our roundup for the week! Have a great weekend everyone.

MarijuanaStocks.com tells us about an eye-brow raising deal between the owners of Corona and Canadian producer Canopy Growth Corporation.

The Weed Blog investigates the benefits of cannabis use to treat seizures and chemotherapy side effects in this article.

A little on the lighter side, Woody Harrelson talks about smoking a joint during dinner with Donald Trump.

LeafScience investigates the possible benefits of smoking marijuana in this article, and how it may benefit you.

Marijuana.com dives into Albertas framework for the legalization of marijuana in this piece.

Amanda Siebert from Straight.com talks about Up Cannabis being the Tragically Hips official medical cannabis partner.

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