Welcome to the October 20th version of Stocktrades Weekend Roundup. We know that there are a ton of great bloggers and finance writers out there, so we take a little time out of our week to bring them to you.

In terms of our week here at Stocktrades, it was actually a pretty busy one. We finally released our full publication of our Top 10 Growth Stocks In Canada article and are very excited with the positive feedback we are receiving from it already. If you do like our growth article, feel free to check out our Top 15 Dividend Stocks In Canada list as well.

I didn’t have time to produce a Weekend Roundup last week due to me spending the bulk of my time working on the much needed redesign of our website. Look for that to go live within the next couple weeks!

Barbara Shecter from the Financial Post talks about having a woman on the board of directors and how it can actually lead to better stock returns.

Randy Cass from NestWealth.com highlights some of the money mistakes you need to avoid in your 40’s and 50’s.

Sean Cooper talks about the hardships of the millennial generation when it comes to purchasing a home.

If you’re renting in Toronto, be prepared to pay up. According to Gary Marr from the Financial Post, rental prices could be seeing up to a %50 increase over the next 3 years due to soaring retail prices.

Renewable energies are on the rise, and Jeff Siegel talks about investing in renewable energies during the age of fossil fuel extinction.

Desirae from HalfBanked talks about one little tip that can help you kick-start your money saving habits the right way.

That’s all for this week! I hope you guys have a good weekend and we will be back next week.

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