Welcome to the Friday October 6th version of the weekend roundup! We haven’t been posting much content recently, but we promise you it is for good reason. We are currently working on a complete site re-design. We felt that our current website, although great, just didn’t provide the best navigation and reading capabilities so we decided to move on from it. With a new website also comes a new logo. Now we can’t quite show you yet, but I can tell you one thing, you’re going to be amazed. We’ve spent countless hours over the last month tweaking and designing, and can’t wait until we bring it to you.

Dan published a blog post in his column at ModestMoney talking about the limitations and risks of options. He had previously wrote a piece there detailing all the benefits of trading options, so he figured it would be fitting to look at the other side of the spectrum.

Our weekend roundup this week is on a wide variety of topics, and we hope you enjoy the links and stay tuned for our top 10 growth stocks in Canada piece coming out in October!

A short but great article by Freedom 35 Blog talking about needing to understand why you invest before you invest.

Not a specific article, but a website that we stand by and was a big influence in us starting up Stocktrades is Lanny and Bert’s race to gain as much as possible before their retirement years with dividends at DividendDiplomats.com

We love dividends, and Mark Seed from MyOwnAdvisor interviews Matthew from All About The Dividends. They tackle budgets,debt,investing, life insurance and more.

It’s still a little early to be talking bells and mistletoe, but Andrew from Familymoneyplan.com talks about how to budget for Christmas in this article.

Don’t let the title fool you, but Erik Kobayashi-Solomons “How To Fail In Investing” shows you some crucial elements of a successful fail, if you will.

Steven Shehori on Huffington Post talks about Ponzi Schemes and how he learned a expensive mistake getting caught up in one.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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