Welcome to the September 22nd edition of our weekend roundup! It was an interesting week in the investing world, especially with Apple still taking a beating. I added a few new positions to my portfolio today. Canadian National Railway, a blue chip dividend stock here in Canada, which by the way I really don’t know why I haven’t owned them for years, and Parkland Fuel.

PKI is an interesting stock and will be highlighted in our HUGE article we have coming up for the top 10 growth stocks in Canada. Look for this article in the next couple of weeks. If you’re looking for more blue-chip dividend-paying stocks like CNR, check out our top 15 dividend stocks in Canada.

Have a great weekend everyone, and bundle up. Fall has officially arrived today!

We come across a ton of blogs that we find extremely resourceful and interesting, and although these aren’t specific articles, you’d be doing yourself a favor by following these sites.

Dividend Pig is a great website where the owner Blake showcases his personal journey to early retirement using dividend paying stocks. This is a great story and we will be following along to see what happens in the future.

Million Dollar Journey has always been a favorite of ours. You’ve probably seen numerous articles mentioned by us from MDJ. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the story behind the website is one gentleman’s journey to a financial freedom that started at the age of 16 and reached the million dollar net worth goal by age 35.

Ben from Sure Dividends article on the 8 rules to dividend investing should be bookmarked and read by anyone looking to create or expand their dividend investing portfolio.

Martin from Studenomics talks about the biggest burden on students today, student debt. Learn how he graduated from post secondary without owing a dime.

Another one of our favorites, Barry from MoneyWeHave talks about some of the essential questions you should be asking in your first meeting with a financial advisor.

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