Welcome to the September 8th edition of our weekend roundup. I’d like to start off by thanking 4 key contributors who helped us make our top dividend article even better than it was. We are looking to update this article every quarter, so if you would like to contribute to our January version, feel free to e-mail us and we will make it happen!

Contributors to our Q3 version:

Mark from MyOwnAdvisor
Sabeel from Roadmap2Retire
Mike from The Dividend Guy
Mathieu from Stocktrades and Seeking Alpha

Now onto the best articles we scraped up this week. We didn’t really have a set topic this week, we went all over the map. Our articles include anything from information about the Canadian housing market to great investing apps. Enjoy!

Tayyab Babar produced a great article on the top 15 apps for investors.

Ben Carlson from a Wealth Of Common Sense talks about the crazy housing market in Canada in an article posted 3 weeks ago. The numbers actually amazed us.

Hardbacon, one of our favorite Canadian blogs to follow, writes about how people talking about the killing they are making on the stock market may not be telling the whole story.

Desirae from HalfBanked talks about some thinks that millennials need to do with their money as soon as they can.

A short but informal post, Mathieu Litalien displays 8 Canadian stocks that increased their dividends in August. Mathieu consistently posts great content on Seeking Alpha, mainly focused on dividend paying Canadian stocks.

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