Welcome to the November 18th edition of our weekend roundup! It seems to me, at least in Alberta, that winter is here to stay. It was a pretty cold week in Alberta and I wouldn’t doubt this is going to be a long and cold winter.

What did we get up to this week? Well, we’ve been on a “top stock” binge for quite a while now and with the success of our dividend, growth, and cannabis articles we decided to make another one. This week we have proudly published our top 5 banking stocks in Canada. This piece obviously goes hand in hand with our dividend article as all 5 of the banks featured on this list are included in our top 15 dividend stocks. Canadian banks are a great sector to invest in, some would almost consider them near bullet-proof. Have a look!

No real theme to our roundup this week, just a bunch of great articles we found caught our eye, including some holiday spending help. Have a great weekend everyone!

Erica Alini from Global News talks about how much you should budget for your Christmas gifts, and it all depends on your income.

An old but great article, Jay Mooreland from The Emotional Investor talks about certain anchors influencing our decisions. And no, he’s not talking about a boat.

Drip Investing talks about taking the first step towards well, drip investing!

Forex-Envoy talks about the millennial generation and how their finances compare to previous generations.

If you’re a student and looking to get your finances in order, Kyle from My University Money talks about More Money for Beer and Textbooks, a common sense guide to get students on the right track.

This is a great infographic by The Financial Blogger, explaining 6 hacks to get you to start saving more money.

Mark Seed from My Own Advisor talks about the possibility of drawing down your RRSPS before you take your Canada Pension Plan.

One of our favorite financial writers to follow, Rob Carrick from the Globe and Mail talks about how money is stressing you out, and 40 percent of you are losing sleep over it.

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