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Here at Stocktrades, we are looking to find fellow personal finance and investing bloggers to guest post to our website. Stocktrades is looking for long-term writers and guest posters who are fluent in finance and have a general understanding of the Canadian markets and the markets in general. Before you make a submission, let’s go over some the submission guidlines for guest posters and advertisers and information about our writing policy.

  • If you are considering a sponsored or advertisement post, please contact Stocktrades via this form to obtain traffic and audience demographic information if need be. We will not be listing it on the website.
  • Your guest post must be exclusive to and must be original content. As for sponsored posts, please contact us for more information.
  • Stocktrades is looking for guest posts with a minimum of 700 words. The articles must be related to either finance and the stock market in general, or specifically Canadian finance. We will place more emphasis on approving articles that are dedicated to explaining Canadian finance.
  • You can link to external posts in your blog, but the posts will have the Nofollow tag attributed to them unless we feel the website is an authority figure or has high relevance to the article. If you are interested in a sponsored post or strictly advertising, we do offer those types of articles and links and you can inquire via the contact form.
  • When your guest post goes live, we will try to maintain the comments and e-mail feedback but it would be great, and also more beneficial to building your image and exposing your blog/brand.
  • In order for your guest post to be published in a timely manner, please proof-read and edit before submitting. Posts do go through our editor but the less mistakes we find, the easier it is to publish. Articles that are not up to our standards will be provided with a rejection via e-mail, or the ability to rewrite.
  • This ties in to the requirement above. If you can, please submit relevant images for us to display. Your guest post may be delayed if we have to go and grab images to place in the article. The more the merrier, and if you’d like to embed some videos that is ok with us as well.
  • Along with your article, please provide your name, an image if you’d like, and a bio of yourself. We like our audience to get to know our outside writers and it will increase the exposure of your brand/blog.
  • After reading all of this, if you are still interested in writing a guest post or sponsored post for us please fill out the contact form below. Please be aware that any articles used to promote your blog/brand that extend past a simple Nofollow link will fall under advertising. We do accept posts in this form, but please e-mail us ahead of time prior to submitting an article so we can explain the details to you.