YouTube Premium in Canada – Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

Posted on February 19, 2024 by Dan Kent
Youtube Premium Canada

YouTube Premium offers perks that all YouTube users can enjoy, but is it worth the cost? Lets take a look in this article.

When the brand was founded in 2005, YouTube took the world by storm through its innovative business. However, as more social media platforms emerged over the years, YouTube has been trying to find more ways to stand out. Their YouTube Premium offering, initially introduced in 2014 and later launched in Canada in 2018, seeks to compete with the premium features of today's social media platforms.

Let's look at everything there is to know about a YouTube Premium subscription to determine if this platform is worth the monthly cost. 

What is YouTube Premium? 

YouTube Premium is advertised as a streaming platform that also offers bonus features to the existing YouTube platform. Premium is paid for with a monthly subscription, and there are three primary packages to consider: individual, family, and student. The pricing for these different plans is as follows:

  • Individual: $13.99 per month or $139.99 per year
  • Family: $22.99 per month
  • Student: $7.99 per month

All three of the above plans can be tested before investing, as YouTube allows one month of free use before charging begins. Currently, Premium is offered in countries worldwide, ranging from Germany, Argentina, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Australia, the United States, and more. 

The standout features of YouTube Premium

Whether or not investing in YouTube Premium is the right choice revolves around determining if the offered features appeal to what you'd be willing to pay for. The following five features are what have allowed YouTube Premium to succeed over the last seven years since its launch: 

Ad-free YouTube videos

The first and perhaps most significant feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to enjoy as many YouTube videos as you like without needing to deal with advertisements. While quick ads may not seem annoying for everyone, the amount of time the average person spends watching ads throughout the day is a lot more than you think. Access to ad-free videos means people can enjoy their videos without any breaks. 

The ability to download titles for offline streaming

One of the most significant drawbacks to YouTube is that offline listening and streaming of videos isn't an option. Without an internet connection, a normal YouTube user cannot enjoy the platform's many features. However, Premium users can download videos to their YouTube app while they have an Internet connection so that they can watch them later, even if they don't have internet. Think of something like a plane ride. With Premium, you can watch your favourite Youtubers without having a connection.

Picture-in-picture mode on mobile

Sometimes known as background mode, YouTube Premium allows users to minimize the YouTube app on their phone screen to continue watching while in other apps or on their Home Screen. A video will continue playing while a person locks their phone, meaning access to the app can occur anytime. 

YouTube Music and YouTube Kids

With Premium, a YouTube user gains access to the vast YouTube Music library featuring over 100 million songs, all ad-free, with the ability to create custom playlists, personalized mixes, and more. A YouTube Premium user also gains access to the family-friendly YouTube Kids ad-free experience, which is particularly beneficial for families considering a Premium plan. 

Movies and TV shows included

Finally, perhaps saving the best for last, with YouTube Premium, a user can gain access to YouTube's library of streaming content which ranges across both movies and television. It's worth noting, however, that this is different from YouTube TV, which is a separate membership. With that said, a YouTube Premium user who is also a YouTube TV user can enjoy the benefits of their Premium membership on YouTube TV with ad-free watching. 

The benefits of YouTube Premium

To truly determine whether or not an individual plan, family plan, or student plan is right for you, it's essential to look at the benefits of YouTube Premium. The most notable of them include:

  • The ability to watch YouTube videos completely ad-free which can save a person large amounts of time
  • The YouTube experience will not be interrupted if you need to handle something else on your device, as background mode allows a user to continue watching
  • Avid travellers can make use of the offline viewing feature by downloading videos ahead of time and enjoying them later without the internet
  • The benefits of a YouTube premium plan can be used on smart TVs for those who have a YouTube TV subscription
  • Free access to the YouTube Music library and YouTube Kids ad-free experience
  • Two different payment options for the individual plan 

The drawbacks of YouTube Premium

Considering the above benefits of YouTube Premium, it's also important to look at some notable drawbacks to the subscription. In no particular order, the cons to consider include:

  • The full suite of YouTube Movies and YouTube TV is not included with a basic YouTube Premium subscription
  • YouTube Kids' videos cannot be minimized in the same way as standard YouTube videos
  • The YouTube originals channel is not as built out compared to other platforms 
  • While the cost is relatively cheap, it may not be justifiable if you do not make use of the benefits offered by Premium

Is YouTube Premium worth it in Canada?

The YouTube Premium family plan, individual plan, or student plan can be a great option for a current YouTube user to consider if they are tired of ads and want access to offline viewing. Keep in mind, though, that not using these features means you are paying over $100 per year to watch without ads and to minimize the window on your phone. 

Suppose you are comfortable with this and can fit it into your budget. In that case, YouTube Premium Canada is an excellent option to consider. Otherwise, you're not missing out on much, as many of the benefits of YouTube Premium can be found by combining other apps. 

The bottom line

For avid YouTube users, the Premium subscription can be more than worth it if you get used to the benefits. With just a simple monthly subscription, a user can gain access to beneficial features. Still, above all, their budding streaming services feature a content library which grows by the day. Try out a YouTube premium account for one month to see if it's truly something that you'll gain value from before investing.

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