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We pride ourselves in delivering transparent, quality research on some of the best growth, dividend and value stocks in the country.

With over 40 years of combined self-directed investment experience, readers know they're in good hands.

What We Do

Whether it be on our blog or to Stocktrades Premium members, we've been delivering the best Canadian investment content on a daily basis to those who need it the most, self directed Canadian investors. Why? 

Because we're not paying contributors on a per article basis to deliver content. The content you see on Stocktrades, is from those who have a vested interest in making sure the absolute best content is exclusively available at


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The research on our blog is great, but it doesn't come close to Stocktrades Premium. That's why over 1800 Canadian investors have taken the plunge. So how exactly does it work?

We screen, analyze and produce reports on only the best Canadian stocks

There's a ton of options on the Toronto Stock Exchange when it comes to stocks. The fact is, most of them aren't the best investments. Instead of combing through thousands of stocks and hundreds of earnings reports, we'll do all the work for you.

Instead of being bombarded with options, you have the best of the best presented to you

The end result is a shortlist of Canadian stocks, whether they be income or growth options, that we feel are in a position to outperform. And thus far, outperforming the TSX Index by 5X since late 2018, we've been right.

Construct your portfolio and relax

Utilize our Q and A, model portfolio updates and quarterly earnings updates on all of our highlighted stocks. You'll never be in the dark here at Stocktrades, as we update our research more than any platform in the country, guaranteed.

So Why Exactly Do You Need Us?

Fees are killing your returns

Although making poor investment decisions is the largest threat to your portfolio, high fees are not far behind.

This graph shows you how paying even the Canada average MER of 2.35% on $50,000 can cost you nearly $250,000 over a 30 year period.

Even worse, if you decided not to invest at all and instead simply saved your money, you would have sacrificed over $427,000 in investment gains. In a Tax Free Savings Account, these could have been tax-free gains.

So, whether or not you're sick and tired of paying fees, or have been hesitant to pull the trigger, you've come to the right place.

Become a member and unlock unbiased, transparent research on some of the best stocks in the country.

Stress Free

We do this all day, every day. Let us guide you to some of the top Canadian stocks in the country, so you can get more out of your portfolio.

Industry Leading Tools

Our screeners, portfolios, Q&A, research reports and more are the best in the country. Over 1800 members trust these to make better decisions.

Time Savings

Time is money, and you don't need to be reading large, complicated investment reports. We deliver what you need to know, and cut out the fluff.

What current members are saying:

C McCartney

Premium Member

I can not even imagine the amount of work it's taking to go through a company's balance sheet/financial statement in these current times as of July 2020. I made my money back from premium in 2 days. Thanks Stocktrades.

J King

Premium Member

Stocktrades is the real deal. I have had nothing but great info from Dan and Matt. I encourage new or experienced investors to give them a chance. Their reports are super informative and I have bought or strengthened my position on several stocks after reading them.

Dominique A

Premium Member

I have been a premium member for two years now and can vouch for the quality and timeliness of the advice that StockTrades delivers. The platform is easy to navigate and provides sample portfolio, stock screeners and reports. 

Luke G

Premium Member

The team at StockTrades is amazing. Fast response to client questions, insightful information and research, and transparency throughout their reports. As an investor who's relatively green, they have been invaluable. I'm so grateful for all they do and in case you're wondering, they're definitely worth the money.

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