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  • Penny Stocks In Canada – Trading Penny Stocks

    Trading Penny Stocks In Canada   For the most part, penny stocks have a bad reputation. It really depends on what magnitude of a security you are talking about. Let's just say that penny stocks pose substantially more risk, even done the correct way, than say value or dividend investing.…

  • How To Buy Stocks In Canada – It’s Easier Than You Think

    How to buy stocks in Canada - A definitive and informative guide to investing and purchasing stocks So, you want to learn how to buy stocks? We know the world of investments can be daunting at first. But if you are reading this, there is no doubt you have an…

  • Online Discount Brokers Review For Canada And The US

    Online Discount Brokers Review For Canada And The USA 2017   The world is becoming ever more interconnected and information is flowing at a rapid pace. “Fintech”, or financial technology, is taking the world by storm and old methods of doing business are disappearing. We now have access to amazing…

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  • Why Mutual Funds?

    When a new investors starts to explore the markets, they often ask themselves what to invest in. Mutual funds can be a very viable option. So what exactly is so good about mutual funds? Why is it becoming so increasingly popular with the crowd? Why should you answer the question…

  • VIX index : What Is It And How Is It Used?

    The VIX index : What is it, how is it used, and how do you trade it?   “VIX Index has been considered by many to be the world's premier barometer of investor sentiment and market volatility”- Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)   You may have heard people and news…

  • Trailing Stop Orders – Stock Order Tutorial

        Part 5: Trailing Stop Orders Dynamically adjust your order price     Note: Trailing stop orders aren’t available on Canadian exchanges through Questrade. But our next and last order type, trailing stop limit order, are. Trailing stop orders of all kinds offer a rather valuable aspect - they…

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  • Pump And Dump Penny Stock Scam

    Penny stock scammers could be the owners of the company, penny stock brokerages, and fraudsters who spot the potential to make a quick buck. Pump and Dump Scams       This is how pump and dump scams can work. A team of investors who have already accumulated large volumes of the stock hire bloggers, public relations firms and boiler Continue Reading

  • What Is A Penny Stock? Getting Started With Penny Stocks

    What Is A Penny Stock? What is a penny stock? This is a simple yet highly complicated question with as many answers as there are investment professionals in this world. But let's focus on two of the more popular definitions to begin with. First, is a cookie-cutter definition that most people use - a penny stock is a stock that Continue Reading

  • Penny Stock Scams And Social Media

    Penny stock scams are no longer limited to unsolicited boiler room phone calls. Penny stock scammers lurk everywhere and nowadays, even on social media sites. Penny Stock Scams   In 2010 the SEC obtained an emergency asset freeze against a Montreal-based couple, for fraudulently promoting penny stocks through their website Pennystockchaser.com, on Facebook and Twitter. Boasting that they were No. Continue Reading


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  • Short Selling Stocks

    Short selling stocks is a method of taking advantage of decreasing share prices in order to realize a profit.  In a nut shell shorting is betting against a given security.   A trader will borrow shares from a broker and sell the shares on the market hoping the security loses value, if the stock starts to decline in price the Continue Reading

  • How To Trade Options Tutorial

      How To Trade Options   A trader’s portfolio can be filled with many different kinds of investment instruments. Some of the more common being stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. But in this mini-course, we are going to cover a slightly more sophisticated kind of investment – options.   The first thing you need to understand is that options, like Continue Reading

  • Getting Set Up To Day Trade

    To be able to day trade, here are some things you will need to get going.   1. Computer   2. Very decent Internet connection   3. Table and chair   4. Trading Software   5. Brokerage account   Some good to have includes:   1. Many monitors   2. Ergonomic table and chair   3. Comfortable trading environment   Continue Reading