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  1. Hi Dan. Yes I enjoyed reading your 5 part series on analyzing growth stocks. I also learned a lot as well. I have downloaded and saved for future reference the whole series. “Step One” was pretty well previously understood by myself, but given that this is my first attempt at investing in over 20 years … it was a nice refresher. “Step Two” was just as familiar to me, but my life now is a lot easier than it was in my past thanks to your advice on where to find this information. “Step Three” still had some familiar stuff in it … Company ROE, but everything else was new and gave me something to think about. Again, “Where to find this …” is VERY helpful. “Step Four” went deeper into stock analysis than I have ever gone before and really peaked my interest. Again, “Where to find this …”! “Step Five”‘s PEG, EBITDA and P/S is all familiar to me but “Where to …” helped put it into my hands … again. What really tied it all together for me was your stock analizer; it is simple, straight forward, and gives a good impression of the prospective stock at a single glance. Thank you for all of this. Sadly I found you too late, as I already have a full account with a local firm. However, if it is okay with you … I would like to continue using your tools, blogs and articles as part of my investment preparation kit. Thank you in advance (you too Dylan). Ernie

    1. Wow Ernie! Thanks a lot. You can continue to use our tools and articles whenever you wish, they are free to use by anyone! Stay tuned in the future, we are looking to develop a 5 part dividend analysis guide as well.

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