Daniel Kent - Founder

Dan is an active dividend and growth investor. When Dan started Stocktrades.ca, the message was and still is that anyone with dedication and determination can accomplish their goals even if they start out with little knowledge of the playing field, in this case, the global markets.

Dan's articles have numerous mentions in the Globe & Mail, Forbes, Winnipeg Free Press, CBC, Entrepreneur, Kiplinger, and other high-authority financial websites. He has also worked with notable financial institutions such as Questrade, Qtrade, Bank of Montreal, and Toronto-Dominion Bank.

He has become an authority figure in the Canadian finance niche. This is primarily due to his attention to detail and dedication to achieving the highest investment returns.

Investing on his own since he was 18 years old, Dan has compiled the necessary experience and knowledge to be successful in the world of self-directed investing. He has completed the Canadian Securities Course, and along with that, brings 14+ years of self-directed investing experience to Canadians via the Stocktrades blog and on a whole other level over at Stocktrades Premium, highlighting strong opportunities for Canadian investors since 2016. An avid hockey fan, he also runs a hockey website that gathers over 55,000 visitors a month at bshockey.com.

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Mathieu Litalien - Stocktrades Premium Founding Partner

With over 24 years of self-directed investing experience, Mat has experienced the ups and downs of the Dot Com Bust, the Great Financial Crisis, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and much more.

Once a writer for Seeking Alpha and the Motley Fool, Mat instead committed his time and dedication to one of the fastest-growing investment websites in the country, Stocktrades.ca. This led to him becoming one of the founding partners of Stocktrades Premium, the flagship investing platform that aims to help Canadian investors get more out of their portfolios.

Mat has an MBA and is a certified Professional Director, one of only three recognized board director certifications by the Canadian Securities Commission.

As an independent director, Mat sat on the Board of Directors of Greater Sudbury Hydro (GSHi). At GSHi, he was on the Audit Committee, which is responsible for setting the direction, implementing controls and approving the budget of this multi-million dollar corporation.

Mat is primarily a dividend growth investor. However, a particular allocation of his portfolio is set aside for Canada's most promising growth companies and major cryptocurrencies. His wealth of knowledge, along with a large amount of experience gained by his education and job, has helped him educate and navigate Canadians through the most difficult investing environment we've been in for decades.

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Stocktrades itself was born in 2016 from the idea that the quality of Canadian investment information was significantly lacking. This is because our market is too small. There are "bigger fish" in the ocean south of the border.

As a result, we knew a few companies were getting away with lacklustre quality simply due to a lack of competition. But we aren't a major company or corporation.

We're simply investors with the experience and knowledge required to navigate the markets and have done so for multiple decades. Fast forward to 2023, and Stocktrades is home to over 100,000 Canadians monthly who want higher-quality investment content.

Our website contains in-depth stock, ETF, mutual fund, and fixed-income research to help Canadians navigate the market and make better investment decisions. We also have many personal finance pieces to help Canadians make wiser decisions when spending and saving money. After all, to invest, you first need to be prudent with the money you already have.

Our goal moving forward is simple, and that is to become the go-to resource when it comes to stock research and investor education. For too long large-scale corporations, advisors, and banks have controlled the content many Canadians see when researching investments online.

Stocktrades Premium

Launched in 2018, we built Stocktrades Premium on the backs of our competitor's failures. How were we able to do this? Well, we are retail investors, much like most of our audience. We aren't a mega-corporation or a marketing team that pushes hype, gimmicky tactics, or constant upsells.

Premium is one of the most comprehensive platforms in the country. It is directed towards helping Canadians get more out of their portfolios without the constant worry that they're being sold to or that the research is biased. Our research is fully transparent, objective and serves no purpose but to help Canadians identify better stocks to improve the returns from their portfolios.

Along with individual market-beating stock selections, the platform contains model portfolios, screening tools, and direct access to a team with over 40 years of self-directed investing experience to help beginner and advanced investors make better decisions.

We're so confident in the quality of the platform that new members can grab a free trial of Premium without even entering payment details. They can see all of our research, portfolios, and tools. From there, they can decide if the platform suits them. Click the button below to grab your trial.